Celebration Pancakes

Cupcake shaped pancake. Fun breakfast food for kids. This is a perfect for a birthday or special occasions

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If you follow us regularly, you probably already know that we love pancakes. Pancakes are one of the few foods that my daughter will always eat. We have gotten inventive with our pancakes over the last year & breakfast has never been more fun. Pancake art has become a favorite for us both on the weekends. Sometimes, she puts in a special request & it becomes a challenge to see what we can come up with. Even if they don’t come out right they are still delicious. Today, my little girl said that she wanted cupcake pancakes. Here is what we came up with.Cupcake shaped pancake. Fun breakfast food for kids. This is a perfect for a birthday or special occasion.

Start with a basic pancake recipe. We added a couple of Tbsps of chocolate powder to our recipe.

Use a mixer to blend the batter well. Make sure to get out all the lumps.


Use a funnel to fill a squeeze bottle.


Use the squeeze bottle to draw out your cupcake.

IMG_7313 IMG_7314 IMG_7315 IMG_7310

Let the pancake cook until bubbling & flip. Cook on the opposite side for a few minutes & put on a plate.


Add whipped cream and sprinkles to finish your cupcake off. My daughter was so excited & the pancakes were a big hit.

Cupcake shaped pancake. Fun breakfast for kids. This is a perfect for a birthday or special occasions.. Recipes & food

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Cupcake Liner Turkey Craft

Cupcake Liner Turkey - Thanksgiving crafts for kids

I swore to myself that I was done with turkey crafts, but I could not resist doing just on more. My daughter wanted to make a craft out of cupcake liners and by craft she meant she wanted to cut them all up with her safety scissors. I had a different idea in mind for the wrappers.

Cupcake Liner Turkey

Paint a paper bowl brown & let it dry.


Cut a peanut like shape out of brown construction paper. Glue on googly eyes & cut a beak & wattle out of construction paper and glue those on as well.

IMG_0700 IMG_0701

Flip the bowl over & glue different colored cupcake liners that are folded in half to the back of the bowl. Fan them out half way around the bowl.


Flip the bowl back over & let the glue dry.


Cut out feet & glue them to the bottom of the bowl. Glue the body to the front of the bowl & you are finished.

Cupcake Liner Turkey - Thanksgiving crafts for kids

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Cupcake Liner Elephant & Mouse

Cupcake Liner Elephant

My daughter has been on an elephant kick for the last few days. She has been drawing pictures of them & asked if we could make elephant crafts together.


My daughter likes to call the shots on our crafts projects sometimes. She had specific ideas in mind for our project. Our elephant needed foam tusks & pink for the inside of the ears and she insisted that trunk had to be made out of a pipe cleaner.

Cupcake Liner Elephant

What you will need:

Mini cupcake liners

Pipe cleaner

White foam

Googly eyes


Pink tissue paper


Cut two circles smaller than a cupcake liner out of pink tissue paper. Glue them to the inside of two cupcake liners.


Glue the two liners with the pink to another piece of paper. Glue two more liners on top of one another so that they slightly overlap the other two.

IMG_5137 IMG_5160 IMG_5164

Cut tusks out of the foam. Glue on the tusks, googly eyes & the pipe cleaner for a trunk. Cut two small pieces out of a cupcake liner to make legs.

Cupcake Liner Elephant

Mai finished hers & giggled that it looks like a mouse elephant.


That inspired us to make a mouse too.

Cupcake Liner Mouse Craft

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Jelly Fish Crafts

Cupcake Liner Jelly Fish Craft

For the past few weeks we have been preparing our house to put it on the market. We have been packing for weeks & trying to get all of the clutter out our home. I don’t think I realized just how much craft stuff Mai & I actually had until I started trying to box it all up. I have been having a hard time throwing any of it away & an even harder time picking which items have to get packed away & put into storage until we move. Right now I am just trying to use any loose pieces of craft material or pre-painted or pre-cut items. Mai wanted to work with cupcake liners and make jelly monsters. She had a very specific idea in mind.


While she created her jelly monster, I worked on a different kind of jelly creature.

Cupcake Liner Jelly Fish


Cut a wavy pattern into the bottom of a cupcake liner.


Cut 4 pipe cleaners in half. Curl the ends of all 8 pieces.


Place the liner on a piece of paper & arrange the pipe cleaners underneath. Use a liberal amount of glue & glue the pipe cleaners to the paper. Do not worry if not every section of pipe cleaner touches the paper, when the glue dries the cleaners will hold. You may weight down your pipe cleaners while they dry if you want them to lay flat.


Add googly eyes to finish off your cute little sea creature.

Cupcake Liner Jelly Fish Craft

We had several egg carton sections that Mai had painted last week for a different craft. We used those to make another jelly fish craft.

Egg Carton Jelly Fish


Paint a section of egg carton & let dry. Poke a hole through the center of the egg carton section.


Poke a string through the hole & tie a knot on the inside of the section.


Similar to the craft above, cut pipe cleaners in half &  & curl the ends. Glue the pieces of pipe cleaner to the inside of the egg carton. Let the glue dry & add googly eyes.

Egg Carton Jelly Fish

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Cupcake Liner Whale Craft

cupcake liner whale craft - cute summer arts & craft project for the kids


This weekend we had fun making a whale diaper cake for my cousin’s baby shower. Mai was very excited watching me construct the cake & she was even more excited to see all of the other whale themed gifts at the shower. “I like whales too! They are my favorite.” At least for this weekend that might be true. Since whales are her new favorite, we decided to continue with the whale theme & made a cupcake liner whale craft.

We started with 2 cupcake liners in a light shade of blue. We glued a full liner & then one that was cut into a squared off crescent shape.


Glue a darker shade of blue over the lighter as shown.


Cut a tail out of the darker blue liner.


Add a fin, googly eyes & a spout to finish your craft.


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Cupcake Wrapper Crafts

Cupcake Wrapper Dress Craft - Cute for a DIY card


Our house just cannot catch a break. This winter we traded one illness for another. With the spring finally here, we thought that our luck would change. Unfortunately, we were mistaken. Our daughter is sick again. She has a runny nose, a junky cough & laryngitis. Trying to keep an inquisitive 3 year old from talking is no easy feat.  We spent most of the night watching cartoons & eating popsicles, but then I roused my crafty daughter when I started playing with some cupcake wrappers. I had something in mind that I wanted to try with her for another day, but since I piqued her curiosity, we made them right away.

Cupcake dress

For the dress, we folded a wrapper in half & then another into quarters. We glued them down on construction paper & then glued a bowed ribbon to the middle of the two wrappers.

IMG_0509 IMG_0510

We drew in dress straps with markers & then drew designs on the dress.


Mai has become more independent in our crafts together & wanted to fold, glue & color her own dress.

IMG_0514 IMG_0517IMG_0513

She did let me put the bow on for her though,


While we were making the dresses, she picked one up & told me that it looked like a sea shell. She was right. It certainly did. We made one of those too.

Cupcake Wrapper Sea Shell

She was having fun so much fun that she just kept going. She made a lion, so mommy did too.



Cupcake Wrapper Lion

Despite the lack of voice & sickness, we still had a good night.

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