Egg Carton Ice Cream Sundae

Egg Carton Ice Cream Sundae Craft

When I think about the summer, I think of the beach. I think of blue skies, chirping birds & ice cream. I know that we can eat ice cream all year around, but for some reason it just tastes better in the summer.


I have made my share of ice cream crafts already this summer, but since everyone likes ice cream, here is one more.

Egg Carton Ice Cream Craft

Cut 3 sections of egg carton.


Paint the sections in different colors & let dry.


Paint a Dixie cup & let dry.


Cut a circle out of piece of foam in the same color as your first ice cream scoop section. Glue it to the top & trim any excess.


Cut a skinny wavy strip out of the same color & glue all the way around the top of the Dixie cup.


Glue the first layer to the top of the cup.


Glue a pom pom into the bottom of the remaining two sections. This will help give more separation in between layers.


Glue the other two egg carton sections on top of the first as shown & top with cotton for whipped cream & a red pom pom for a cherry.

Egg Carton Ice Cream Sundae Craft

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Footprint Ice Cream Sundae



Last month I wrote a post about ‘8 Reasons Why Dads Are More Fun Than Moms’. My husband proved again why  he is definitely more fun than mom. This morning we went to Friendly’s for breakfast. When Mai finished with her pancakes, she wanted to get a cone head sundae. My husband convinced me to let her enjoy a little sundae even though I thought it was too early. Our daughter was of course overjoyed and enjoyed every bite.


Our early morning sundae was the inspiration for our footprint sundae craft.

To achieve this, paint your child’s foot in 3 different colors & press onto a white sheet of paper.
Let dry & paint dark brown drizzles for the hot fudge. Around the heel of your foot draw a sundae glass.
Draw an outline of whipped cream around the top of the foot, make sprinkles with different colored slashes & draw a cherry on top.
Cut around the whole picture & glue to a colored piece of construction paper.




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