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Pop-up Santa Puppet Cup Craft

Believe it or not, there are only 55 days left until Christmas. Before we know it Santa will be coming to town and he will be heading to a chimney near you. We made fun pop-up puppets a few months back and they were a big hit with my little girl. I couldn’t wait to make them again. These Santa puppets are a great idea for the holiday season. The Dixie cups made a perfect chimney for Santa to pop in and out of.Pop-up Santa Puppet . Christmas arts and crafts for kids. Santa coming out of the chimney DIxie cup craft

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Bobble Head Dancing Dolls

These adorable Dixie cup bobble heads love to dance just for you. Give them a shake and watch them boogie.

After the popularity of our bobble head bat for Halloween, we felt inspired to make more bobble head projects.  These bobble heads are so much fun that we just couldn’t help ourselves. These dancing dolls are so cute. Make a bunch of them and watch them dance with each other.

Dancing Dixie Cup Bobble Head Dolls with printable template. Fun arts and crafts for kids

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Dixie Cup Bobble Head Bat Craft

Halloween is next month and we have already started planning our costumes. My daughter told me ages ago that she wanted to be a bat this year for Halloween. That hasn’t changed and it is all that she has been talking about. Bats, bats, bats have been on the mind. While brainstorming ideas for making her costume, I couldn’t help but make some bat crafts too. I am kind of in love with this bobble head bat. He is so cute and silly and it is fun to make him bobble and fly.

Bobble Head Bat with printable bat template - watch it wobble and fly. Halloween arts and crafts for kids

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Dixie Cup Windmills

Dixie Cup WindmillsPaper Cup Windmill Craft - A cute & easy craft for kids with spinning windmill blades - Dixie cup craft

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My daughter often comes up with the ideas for our projects together. Sometimes her inspiration comes from seeing something in a book or something from school or sometimes like with today’s craft, it just comes out of nowhere. We were playing restaurant together when she stopped & very confidently said, “Mama, I want to make a windmill with the spinny thing.” Ok, that sounded like fun.

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Dixie Cup Tea Set

Dixie Cup Tea Set - We filled our cups with Jell-o, but these would be great for a tea party themed party. You could fill them with a snack or  drink of your choosing.

My daughter loves going through our kitchen cabinets. She pulls out different boxes & likes to set up pretend shops. Today she dragged out several boxes of Jell-o & all of my boxes of herbal teas. She was sniffing each box of tea & telling me what she thought they smelled like.

“Let’s have a tea party.”

“Ok! You want to try tea?”

“No, let’s have a Jell-o tea party.”

With these words, she began ripping open a box of orange Jell-o. “We need to make the Jell-o for our tea party, mama.”

If it is a Jell-o tea party that my daughter wants, then that is what she is going to get.

Dixie Cup Tea Cups

What you will need:

Dixie Cups

Foam sheets in a variety of colors

Yarn or string

Magic markers

Glue gun (Operate caution while using a glue gun. Adult’s should operate)

Filler of your choice. – We filled our cups with Jell-o, but these would be great for a tea party themed party. Fill them with a snack or drink of your choice.


Cut “c” shapes out of the foam to form your handles.


Cut out a small piece of white foam that is long & skinny. When you fold it in half it should form a 1″ square.


Fold the white foam in half to form the tag for your tea bag. Decorate the tags with markers. Glue a small piece of string or yarn to the inside of the tag & glue the fold closed.


Glue your handles onto the cups.


Glue the tags onto the outside of the cup, but leave the tag loose so that it dangles.


Add whatever you choose your tea cups. We added our mixed Jell-o & then put them in the refrigerator to cool & harden.


Mai was thrilled to get her Jell-o tea party.


Jello tea party - These cute Dixie Cup crafts look like little tea cups & are filled with Jello

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Peppa Pig Craft

Peppa Pig Craft made out of styrofoam ball & recyclables.

Ever since my daughter first began feeding herself she has been a challenge at mealtimes. We became creative in order to keep her little bottom planted in her seat & interested in her food. Our most successful method was to read to her. She loved being read to during her meals. She still does. The deal is, if she wants us to keep reading, she has to keep eating. Her new favorite mealtime read is Peppa Pig & the Great Vacation.


“I love Peppa Pig, mama!”
“I know you do.”

I told her that after we finished eating that we could make a Peppa craft, so we did.

What you will need:

Styrofoam ball

Egg carton section

Dixie cup

Pink & red acrylic paint

Pink foam sheet or construction paper

Googly eyes

Glue gun (For adult use)



Glue the section of egg carton to the styrofoam ball.


Paint the styrofoam & egg carton in pink.


Paint a circle of darker pink on the ball for a cheek & put aside to dry. The styrofoam may take a little while to dry. We used a hair dryer to quicken the process,


Paint a Dixie cup in red & let dry.


Cut ears & arms out of the pink foam or construction paper.


Glue the ears to the head. Draw in a mouth & add googly eyes.


Glue the head to the bottom end of the Dixie cup & glue the arms onto the cup to complete your Peppa.


Now Peppa can sit with us at dinner while we read about her great vacation.

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