Spring Umbrella Craft With Printable

I love umbrellas. Luckily, the spring is near and soon the rain will be coming down and the umbrellas will be going up. This pretty spring umbrella craft is perfect for the spring. Your kids will love designing their own umbrellas. They are so much fun, you will want to make them again and again. Make a bunch and string them up to make a playful garland for spring. These would make a great project for the classroom.


Spring Umbrella Craft with printable template. Color or paint and cut for this great spring and rainy day Arts and crafts for kids

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Watercolor & Salt Rainy Day Painting

My daughter loves pretend play. We play cupcake shop, hospital & sometimes we are animals, but my personal favorite is playing school. I love playing teacher & student with her. We do a series of activities complete with snack time, a brief recess & mini lessons. Incidentally, she listens to teacher mommy much better than regular mommy.

Watercolor & Salt Paintings - spring rainy day art for kids

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 Last night after roll call, we practiced writing our full name & then had art class. Our lesson for the evening was a spring rainy day painting with salt. I had taken a watercolor class many years ago & was shown how sprinkling the salt on the paper creates a lovely speckled effect. I knew that being able to shake salt all over paint would make my little artist happy. I was correct.

Watercolor & Salt Paintings - spring rainy day art for the kids

First we cut out 2 shapes to form our umbrella.

IMG_6480 IMG_6481

My daughter glued her cut-out to a piece of watercolor paper.


We used our homemade watercolors to paint our pictures. My daughter painted her sky blue & very generously added the salt. “We’re making a mess. huh mama? But that’s ok.” It was ok. She loved it.


She added some dark clouds to her picture.


She painted herself & me under the umbrella, but offered me a little critique. “Mama, why don’t you have any people under your umbrella?” “Who is holding it?”


We set our paintings aside to dry & moved on to recess. Mama teacher even managed to get her to go to bed without argument.

Watercolor & Salt Paintings - spring rainy day art for kids Watercolor & Salt Paintings - spring rainy day art for kids

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