Hot Air Balloon Suncatcher

I don’t know what it is about hot air balloons that make them so fascinating and beautiful. Maybe it is their bright colors or the fire dancing below them powering them up higher and higher. Either way, a sky full of hot air balloons is just mesmerizing. This mixed media suncatcher captures some of their magic. This is a pretty and simple project for the spring or summer.


Hot Air Balloon Suncatcher craft. Mixed media project for kids with watercolors and tissue paper.

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Watercolor Scribble Easter Eggs

Here is an easy and fun bit of process art that the kids will love for Easter.

My daughter loves to draw. She is learning and getting better every day. We found some wonderful art books for her at the library with great techniques and drawing exercises. One that we loved was Art for Kids: Drawing (affiliate link). It is a great book for kids and adults alike. One simple and fun technique that we found in the book is the inspiration for this Easter process art. These watercolor scribble Easter eggs are so easy and they are a joy to make.Watercolor scribble Easter eggs. A fun process art project for the kids. Arts and craft projects for the spring.

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Watercolor Dipped Flower Art

This pretty watercolor technique is perfect for the spring or summer.

In our house, we love to work with watercolors. We like to make our own because we go through them so quickly. We have made solid watercolorswhich we love to use, but most of all, we just water down acrylic paints or mix food coloring with water. It just so happens that we did both of these things this past week and had quite a bit of both leftover to create these gorgeous watercolor dipped flowers. Watercolor dipped flower art. Spring arts and crafts projects for kids. Beautiful and fun process. Watercolor Dipped Flowers

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Newspaper and Watercolor Snowflake Art

Newspaper and watercolor paintings for kids. Winter arts and crafts for kids, Resist painting and salt sprinkled mixed media with watercolors, newspaper and acrylics*This post contains affiliate links*

 The other day, I showed my little girl how to cut snowflakes. In the beginning, she had a bit of a hard time snipping through the folded paper, so we switched over to newspaper for our tutorial. We cut a bunch of them in different sizes. You can find directions on how to cut a snowflake here.

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11 Beautiful Kid’s Art For Winter and Christmas

11 beautiful art projects for kids for the winter and Christmas. Holiday arts and crafts projects, painting, mixed media, watercolor, shape crafts

Winter and Christmas are a beautiful and magical time. The snow falling, the twinkling lights from a Christmas tree and even a snowy roof top are great creative inspiration for artists, young and old. My little one and I have greatly enjoyed creating artwork for the season. We have used watercolors, acrylics, tissue paper and newspaper. Here is a collection of some of our favorite art projects. Click on the titles to follow the links to the full tutorials.

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Bleeding Tissue Paper Christmas Gifts

We are huge fans of making art using bleeding tissue paper. The effect is so lovely and the process is a ton of fun.

Bleeding tissue paper painted Christmas presents and gifts. Pretty arts and crafts project for the kids during the holiday season. Watercolors would work nicely as well.

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I always take great care in picking my wrapping paper each year. I love the look of the wrapped presents under the tree, the shine of the wrapping paper, the patterns and the bows. Christmas gifts are just plain pretty.

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Pop Art Inspired Christmas Tree

We just put up our Christmas tree, so forgive me for the Christmas tree kick I find myself on this week. I can’t help myself. Christmas trees are fun to make and you can make them as simple or detailed as you want.

Christmas tree pop art watercolor painting for kids. Kids holiday and winter arts and craft. I love the abstract look to this.

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For our Christmas tree project, we chose a simple triangle shape with a rectangle trunk and circle bulbs. I think the clean lines of the simple shapes worked well and would be perfect for artists of all ages.

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Glue & Watercolors

Glue Drip Watercolor canvas art - painting projects for kids -messy arts and craftsWhenever there is a sale on art canvases, we like to stock up on them. Currently, I have a closet filled with blank canvases that are just begging to be used. We love to experiment with different paint methods & techniques. This week, we played with glue on canvas.  Anything that allows my daughter to squeeze out an excessive amount of paint or glue is a hit with my little girl. We stood up the canvas and started squeezing school glue along the top and letting it drip down. Move your canvas around and let the glue travel.  Set the canvas down & let it dry overnight.

IMG_0538 IMG_0542 IMG_0543

Once it is dry, paint over the whole canvas in watercolors. This creates a fun abstract painting with a little texture.


Glue Drip Watercolor canvas art - painting projects for kids -messy arts and crafts.

Another fun glue project is to use the glue to squeeze out a design or drawing. I chose a leaf design and created segments around the leaf for a mosaic effect. Set it aside to let the glue dry. When you are ready, paint around the dried glue.

glue & watercolor mosaic painting - arts & crafts

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Watercolor & Salt Rainy Day Painting

My daughter loves pretend play. We play cupcake shop, hospital & sometimes we are animals, but my personal favorite is playing school. I love playing teacher & student with her. We do a series of activities complete with snack time, a brief recess & mini lessons. Incidentally, she listens to teacher mommy much better than regular mommy.

Watercolor & Salt Paintings - spring rainy day art for kids

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 Last night after roll call, we practiced writing our full name & then had art class. Our lesson for the evening was a spring rainy day painting with salt. I had taken a watercolor class many years ago & was shown how sprinkling the salt on the paper creates a lovely speckled effect. I knew that being able to shake salt all over paint would make my little artist happy. I was correct.

Watercolor & Salt Paintings - spring rainy day art for the kids

First we cut out 2 shapes to form our umbrella.

IMG_6480 IMG_6481

My daughter glued her cut-out to a piece of watercolor paper.


We used our homemade watercolors to paint our pictures. My daughter painted her sky blue & very generously added the salt. “We’re making a mess. huh mama? But that’s ok.” It was ok. She loved it.


She added some dark clouds to her picture.


She painted herself & me under the umbrella, but offered me a little critique. “Mama, why don’t you have any people under your umbrella?” “Who is holding it?”


We set our paintings aside to dry & moved on to recess. Mama teacher even managed to get her to go to bed without argument.

Watercolor & Salt Paintings - spring rainy day art for kids Watercolor & Salt Paintings - spring rainy day art for kids

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