Footprints Animal Crafts X, Y & Z

Footprint Animals Crafts From A -Z featuring X, Y & Z

We did it! We finished our footprint crafts from A – Z with our final 3 letters X, Y & Z. Here they are, the last in our collection.

X is for X-Ray Fish

Paint your child’s foot with silver paint & press onto a piece of paper.

IMG_7735 IMG_7742

Dab on a little white for the eye & paint in the fins.


Paint in the bones & add a little color to the fins. Add an eyeball & fish lips to finish off your craft.

Footprint Animal Crafts A-Z X is for X-ray fish.

Y is for Yak

Paint the foot in brown & press onto a piece of paper.


Paint in the ears, horns & the head fur.


Use a lighter shade to paint the bottom of the face & paint in more fur on the bottom, under the chin & on the sides.


Add the eyeballs, nostrils & mouth. Also add lines to the horns.

Footprint Yak - Footprint crafts A - Z - Y is for Yak

Z is for Zebra

Paint the heel of the foot in black & then the rest in white. Press onto a piece of paper.


Paint in hair on the top as shown. Add ears & then nostrils to the black portion.


Paint in eyes by dabbing a bit of black & then white & then black again. Add the stripes to finish off your zebra head.

Footprint Zebra - animal footprints A - Z - Z is for zebra

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Hand print X-Ray

Hand print X-ray


When you have a toddler, you really have to keep an eye on them at all times. Unfortunately, this is impossible. You turn your back for just one second & boom. It is inevitable.

I got a call from my daycare provider that my daughter hurt her arm. Mai told me that she was jumping on her mat during quiet time and fell and bent her arm. Yes, my child is the one who is jumping during quiet time instead of napping. We took her to the hospital & she needed to have x-rays to make sure that there was not a break. There were no breaks, but she did end up having a nasty sprain & was in a lot of pain for the last couple of days. She is doing much better today & back to her old playful self. We have been doing a lot of one handed playing today & we also did a quick craft inspired by her hospital visit.


For this craft we painted her hand & lower arm in gray.


We pressed it onto a piece of black construction paper & let it dry.

With a white piece of chalk, we drew in our little bones.


“Ewwww, that looks like a skeleton, mama.” Yes, it does. Hopefully we will not have to look at another x-ray for a long time.


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