Fold and Print Winter Reflections

My daughter and I love to play with ink blots, or more accurately paint blotsWe make them all the time. They are so simple and fun and I love the symmetry of the blots. The mirroring of the blots gave me an idea for a winter painting.

Try this step by step paint and fold print reflection landscape. Winter mountain lake painting. A great art project for kids or adults. Arts and crafts.

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I love to paint and I love to teach my little artist how to paint as well, so I am always dabbling with different techniques and trying to find easy to make artwork using different methods and simple shapes. I wanted us to explore the beauty of reflections in a few winter landscapes by folding and mirroring images like in an ink blot.

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Paint Blot Abstract Printing

Super Fun messy art - paint ink blot print. Transfer your print & make them again & again.

My daughter & I have been having fun with ink blots since she could speak. It has always been fascinating to hear what she saw in her blots. The other part of forming them are that they are just plain pretty to look at & lots of fun to make. 

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Valentine’s Day Hand Print

Valentine's Hand Print - Bee Mine

Valentine’s Day is coming & with it comes the flowers, the chocolates and the cards. My daughter has already started getting excited about making Valentine’s cards for her family & friends. I was excited too because let’s face it, there is nothing sweeter than getting a Valentine from your little one. We love hand & footprint crafts because they make wonderful keepsakes. This adorable Valentine is cute & easy to make.

Hand Print Valentine

Paint your child’s palm and thumb in yellow. Paint black stripes over the yellow paint. Paint the fingers for the wings. I chose light blue for our wings.


Press their hand onto a piece of paper.


Paint in antennae and a stinger.


Add googly eyes & a mouth and draw in wing veins.


Add your message. (I love puns.) Add a heart trail or a few hearts to finish it off.

Valentine's Hand Print - Bee Mine

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New Year’s Hand Print Craft

hand print hand clappers - An easy New Years craft. My daughter loved cutting the confetti

It seems as if the holidays fly by quicker & quicker each year. Next week is Christmas & then the following week we will be ringing in the new year. Not long after we clean up our New Year’s confetti, we will be celebrating another birthday for our little girl. She turns 4 in a few weeks & I cannot believe how quickly she has grown.

I would love to be able to keep her small forever. I know that this will not happen, but I can at least preserve some of her tiny cuteness while I still can. This is why I love hand & footprint crafts. It is fun to compare each new print with older ones just to see how much she has grown.

With 2016 fast approaching, I wanted to make a holiday keepsake to kick off the new year.

New Year’s Hand Print Craft

This was a simple and fun project.

Trace your child’s hand or have them trace their own.


Cut out a few different colored hands using the tracing.


Fan the hands out & glue them together. Cut out a handle for your hand clapper & glue underneath the hands.


Cut out confetti & streamers or let your child if they are able to use scissors. We have been working on our cutting skills a lot lately, so Mai couldn’t wait to help me cut the confetti.

IMG_2858 IMG_2851

Glue the confetti & streamers into place.

Don’t forget to label your clappers with your child’s name & the date.

hand print hand clappers - An easy New Years craft. My daughter loved cutting the confetti,

Wishing you all the best for the New Year.

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Snowflake Crafts For Kids

Hand Print Snowflake Craft - Winter & Christmas kid's crafts.

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A funny thing happened the other day. A group of my friends were talking about the winter & things to do with our kids. We began talking about cutting paper snowflakes. I had said that it had been so long since I had last made one that I was not quite sure if I even remembered how to. This conversation sparked us to all attempt to make snowflakes with some funny results. We were all out of practice & went through sheet after sheet of paper until we finally figured it out. This crafting adventure with the grown ups led to a couple of fun snowflake crafts at home.

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“I Glove You Hand” Print Craft

I glove you - hand print craft A cute idea for kid's winter craft keepsake

I have been talking a lot about our move lately and the construction still going on at our new house. This has been the main focus of our life lately & it has our lives sort of in limbo. We have had most of our things packed for months & now with the colder weather here, I have found that most of our winter clothing is buried in storage. I have been searching for my daughters gloves, mittens, hats & scarves, but realized that they were not going to be found until we unpacked. I bought my daughter new winter gear & then I misplaced it again somewhere in the suitcases that we have been living out of. The loss of the winter gear had me & my daughter joking about the 3 little kittens that lost their mittens.

Mai drew a picture of those poor kittens.


All of this talk about lost mittens inspired us to do a craft.

“I Glove You” hand prints

You can choose to make your gloves in the design of your choosing, but we opted for striped gloves. To do this, paint your child’s hand with different colored stripes.


Press it onto a piece of paper. Paint the other hand the same way & press that one too. Let them dry.


If you have your hands positioned the way that you like, leave them. If you have a squirmy 3 year old and cannot get them exactly how you want them, cut around the hand prints & glue them onto another piece of paper of the same color in the positions that you would like them.


Glue cotton balls to the bottom of your hand prints & then cut a heart shape around the gloves.

Glue onto another piece of paper in a different color.

Hand print glove craft

Leave it as is or write in your “I glove you” message or another message of your choosing. Add a string to join your gloves together.

I glove you - hand print craft A cute idea for kid's winter craft

Incidentally, we did end up finding those mittens and the hat too.

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Hand print X-Ray

Hand print X-ray


When you have a toddler, you really have to keep an eye on them at all times. Unfortunately, this is impossible. You turn your back for just one second & boom. It is inevitable.

I got a call from my daycare provider that my daughter hurt her arm. Mai told me that she was jumping on her mat during quiet time and fell and bent her arm. Yes, my child is the one who is jumping during quiet time instead of napping. We took her to the hospital & she needed to have x-rays to make sure that there was not a break. There were no breaks, but she did end up having a nasty sprain & was in a lot of pain for the last couple of days. She is doing much better today & back to her old playful self. We have been doing a lot of one handed playing today & we also did a quick craft inspired by her hospital visit.


For this craft we painted her hand & lower arm in gray.


We pressed it onto a piece of black construction paper & let it dry.

With a white piece of chalk, we drew in our little bones.


“Ewwww, that looks like a skeleton, mama.” Yes, it does. Hopefully we will not have to look at another x-ray for a long time.


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