You Can’t Outsmart a Smarty

IMG_20140616_201258330One of Mai’s favorite new games is removing the contents of our Lazy Susan & placing them up on our kitchen island. I will ask he Mai what are you doing? “I go shopping” “I buy food”. She will name off all the items as she places them up on the island. “Ranch dressing, hot chocolate, barbecue sauce.” I do not love this, but it does keep her occupied while I am cooking or doing dishes. She loves playing this so much that I thought it would be a fun idea to make her her own little grocery store on the shelves of our kitchen island. My hopes of course, were that this would distract her from emptying the contents of my Lazy Susan.

I used old food boxes & rinsed out jars and lined them up in a row on the shelves.



Mock supermarket made up of old food boxes & containers
Mai has a little toy shopping cart, so I thought we could make a fun & educational game out of it. My idea was that she could pick out the items that she wants just as she did with the Lazy Susan & that we could use some of her coins in her piggy bank and make it a lesson in counting and money as well.
Unfortunately Mai was not so easy fooled by mommy’s make shift shopping center. She picked up each container & exclaimed “Oh! It’s empty. I throw in the trash.” And in the trash she threw them. Oh Well! Better luck next time, Mommy.

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    1. Thank you. I hope so. She likes counting money too, so I thought it would be a great game for us, but she just said “Oh empty” and in the trash they went. Lol! Gotta love that she was cleaning up.

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