Fall Tree Flip Book

My daughter’s favorite series of chapter books is the Captain Underpants series. In this series of books, there is a mini section called the Flip-o-rama. It is a mini flip book within the existing story. My daughter loves this and has made several flip books of her own over the last few months. We have played around with them quite a bit and they have become a little bit of an obsession in our house. They are just so much fun to make. With fall on the way, we had a little fun with some fall themed flip books and we just had to share them with you. We have included printable tree templates to help get you going. These would be great to use for all seasons.Fall flip book with printable template. Design them for the seasons and make a flip book for every season. Arts and crafts for kids

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How to make a fall flip book

Print out one of the templates below. Each printable page will include enough for 8 flip book pages. I recommend printing at least 2 full pages for each flip book that you are making. The more pages in your flip book, the better the results.

Printable Bare Tree Flip Book Template

Printable Green Tree Flip Book Template

Decide what you want your flip book to be. You want to choose some sort of action that you can put into a sequence of events.

To give you some ideas, I made a flip book of a tree with the leaves changing color and falling from the tree. I made another with someone running and jumping into a pile of leaves. My daughter and I both made an apple picking flip book and a child on a tire swing. My daughter’s apple picking book was wonderful and even had a ladder that the girl climbed up and down on.

Once you decide, you can start drawing. Your first picture will be the start of the action. Here is my first image from a girl jumping into a pile of leaves. I added a few leaves to the bare tree and then made a pile of leaves on the ground. I drew a simple stick figure running, starting from the far left of the page.

Your next picture should be very similar to the first, only with minor changes to show the movement. My leaves in the trees are the same and my pile of leaves is the same as well, but my stick figure is moved slightly further to the right and its body positioning is different.

Again, on my next picture, most of it is the same, but the person has changed position again and moved again slightly further to the right. This time around, I had a leaf falling away from the tree just a bit. 

My character continues to run forward on the next page and the leaf falls just a bit lower and the rest of the picture remains the same.

Keep going like this, making just gradual changes in movement as you go. The more gradual the change and the more pages it takes, the better your results.

When our character was done playing in the leaves, we drew several pages showing the character walking back to the left of the page.

Some actions, you can duplicate. We made a photo copy of the images leading up to this last photo of the girl playing in the leaves and stacked it behind the images of our character walking back to the left. The end result made it appear as if the girl ran, jumped in the leaves, threw them in the air, walked back and then ran and jumped again.

When you complete all your pages, stack them up evenly and in order and use a clip or stapler to bind them together at the top. You are now ready to flip.

We couldn’t get enough of these. They are so cool and it is also a great thinking and sequencing activity for the kids. My daughter put a lot of thought into the amount of apples put on the tree and the up and down movement that she made on her ladder. She wanted to make a “reaaaalllly big” flap book, so she is still working on hers. I can’t wait to see how if comes out.

These templates are perfect for every season. It would be fun to do a full run of all of the seasons changing.

Fall flip book with printable template. Design them for the seasons and make a flip book for every season. Arts and crafts for kids

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