A Serious Case Of Mommy Brain

I want to thank my friend Deb over at All About Parents for giving me the opportunity to guest post about ‘My Serious Case Of Mommy Brain’ on her fabulous blog. This post was originally posted on her site.

A very interesting thing happened when I was pregnant with my daughter. My mind turned to mush. I became very forgetful. I could barely hold on to a full thought. I would begin a sentence & then forget what I was talking about halfway through. I couldn’t remember the simplest of things.
“Honey, can you pass me that long silver thing with the buttons that changes the TV channels?”
“You mean the remote control?”
“Yes! Thank you! That is what that thing is called.”
My friends warned me about pregnancy brain & that it would get worse as my pregnancy progressed. The thing that they all failed to mention was that after my daughter was born that pregnancy brain would turn into mommy brain.
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          1. Seriously not funny..mid forties doing twirlies and bouncing rabbit. I am like a centerfuge, some bits go to extreme points, have to tell my brain to stop twirling, 2 twirls before I stop, otherwise I might gain speed. Lets not go into the rabbit part. Hehe. That’s all folks!

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