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IMG_7734Visitors often giggle as they walk into our front door. The reason for the chuckles is probably that they are greeted by a giant cardboard house surrounded by a play kitchen and piles of children’s books. If you look around our house there is very little proof that there are adults inhabiting it. Our coffee table is a Play-Doh crafting workshop. Our DVD cabinet is filled with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mary Poppins and several Disney classics. The decor hanging on my walls are made out of paper plates & toddler hand prints and the crafting supplies that made them are scattered all over our kitchen island and dining room table.

Most of our home has been branded & claimed by our little girl. That is alright by me. That messy pile of clay on our table expands that beautiful imagination of hers. Those DVD’s have brought comfort & cuddles when my daughter has been ill. Those crafts have given us hours of bonding and smiles. Our home is a happy one, unkempt, cluttered and filled with Play-Doh, toys and love. Still, I do sometimes miss the memory of a tidy home. I might not have that clean space anymore, but I do have one comfy little nook that is all mine.

After our daughter has been tucked in to bed for the evening & my husband has passed out on the couch, it is time for me to retire to my favorite spot.


Duke keeps my seat warm for me until I get there. I snuggle in with him nuzzled up at my feet. This is my time. This is where I unwind, reflect, and work on my favorite outlet, my blog. My space is not much. The cushions are flat & worn. There is dog hair everywhere, but on my chair with my laptop laid across my legs, I have shared many funny stories, ideas, crafts, recipes and thoughts on being a mommy. Sure, I could have a home office with a fancy desk and a PC like we used to, but we gladly traded that in for a crib and changing table. Who needs a desk? This is my office.


Do you have your own cozy work space? Please share with us.

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  1. My special spot is only available when our son is off at college – I redecorated his room last spring so that it’s a cozy sitting room as well as his grown-up bedroom. Soothing colors, a very comfy chair for when I want to knit and crochet while watching Netfilx, and a desk for when I want to write. I love it, but I also love when he comes home and it’s no longer available!

  2. Mine is the green Lazy Boy rocking recliner in the corner of our family room. My yorkie gets so excited when she sees me heading for that chair at the end of a long day, especially if I have a blankie with me for her to snuggle in.

  3. I loved this post–it made me feel all snuggly and comfortable in side just imagining your space. It looks so wonderful 🙂 My space is usually sitting on my bed blogging while my son naps. There I can revel in the stillness and quietness of the house. It always refills my soul. 🙂 Great post!

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