Valentine’s Day Rubs

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For Christmas this year, one of my dear friends bought my daughter Fashion Plates. When Mai unwrapped her gift, it was Mommy’s face that lit up not hers. I loved Fashion Plates as a girl. I felt like a young girl again. As I sat on the floor rubbing a crayon against the plates, I thought to myself this is probably something that we can do at home with our own designs.

Valentine’s Day Rubs

What you will need:

A few squares of cardboard

A hot glue gun




I cut a few squares out of a cardboard box.  Be sure the squares are clean & even. With a glue gun draw a design. (For adult use only) Keep your designs simple & try to apply the glue as evenly and level as possible for the best effect.


For our Valentine’s themed designs, we went with a heart, an arrow & the word love. The glue should dry in a couple of minutes.


Once dry, place the squares under a piece of paper. Using the side of a crayon, rub back & forth & watch the design transfer onto the paper.


Unfortunately for me, not all of my ideas are winners with my daughter. Like the Fashion Plates, this was more entertaining for mommy than her. She made one arrow & then moved on to drawing a picture of a monster family.


It was not a total waste for Mai though. We discovered that the rubs also make a lovely paint stamper.


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  1. You totally just reminded me of the Barbie fashion plates I had as a kid and had no idea that these can be made so easily. Going to try this with my girls now as it looks like so much fun 😉

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