Recycled Farm Craft

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Recycled Farm - Tissue box barn, clothes pin farm animals & toilet paper tube silo.


I started painting and crafting with our daughter before she was one. For the past 2 years I have come up with fun projects for us to do together & Mai was always eager to jump in. These days my daughter calls the shots. We had an empty tissue paper box & I wanted us to turn into something fun.

“What can we do with this Mai?”

“Let’s make a farm!”

She is full of good ideas.

We used a tissue box to make our barn. I ripped open an old pasta box to form the roof.


Cut out a piece of cardboard to form the roof. Arch it and glue it in place on either side of the box.


Cut two more pieces of cardboard to fit into the openings on either side of the roof.


Paint your barn. Mai painted the whole barn in red & then added silver speckles to the roof.IMG_0105 IMG_0112

Let the paint dry & then paint a door onto the barn.


Use a razor or knife to cut loft doors. This step is for adults.


Cut out grass using construction paper.


Form a silo using an old paper towel roll with a section of egg carton glued to the top. We painted our silo silver with a white top.


No farm is complete without animals which Mai was quick to point out to me. We painted a couple of clothes pins to form our barnyard animals.



Clothespin cow clothespin pig

Our little farm is complete.



Recycled Farm


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