Tutus & Tiara Pancakes

Tutu & Tiara Princess Pancakes


About a month ago, I started seeing these videos being shared all around social media of people making wonderful art out of pancakes. They used squeeze bottles to draw out the outline of the designs & then filled them in with more batter. I tried these at home because I was so curious. My first attempt was spring pancakes. I made a variety of flowers & butterflies. My daughter loved them. She loved them too much. Now she puts in special requests each weekend for pretty pancake pictures. Last week it was a sea horse, the week before it was ducks & today she asked for tutus. I am starting to get excited for weekend pancakes now, just to see what we can come up with. If my baby wants tutus, tutus she will get & some other princess related things.



IMG_0087 IMG_0090  IMG_0092IMG_0093

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Tutu & Tiara Princess Pancakes


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  1. They are freehand. I thought of videos, but most weekend my husband works, so I wouldn’t have any one to video me.

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