Egg Carton Peacock Craft

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Egg Carton Peacock Craft


A while back, I bought a stack of burlap canvases. They having been sitting there collecting dust for several months now. Last night after dinner, I wanted to try one out. I painted a peacock, while Mai watched.


“What you making, Mama?”

“A peacock.”

“I want to make a peacock too!”


Egg Carton Peacock Craft

What you will need:

An egg carton

Acrylic paint



Construction paper



Cut the egg carton & separate each individual egg carton section. Paint the inside of the sections & around the outside sides in green. After painting each section, sprinkle glitter on the inside before the paint dries. Mai was so excited to add the glitter that she would not put it down even to paint the egg carton.

IMG_0922 IMG_0918

While Mai painted the cartons, I cut the body of the peacock out on construction paper. Add a beak & use paint to add details.



Glue the body down to a piece of construction paper & then glue the egg carton pieces in place.

Egg Carton Peacock Craft

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    1. Yeah, weird.. Thanks again. We have been crafting like crazy. I have a ton on standby to get ready for our upcoming vacation. Lol! Mai has so many great ideas now, that it make sit easy.

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