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We went to Kentucky for the Derby a little bit over a month ago. We went to the Derby festival several times during our one week visit. It was all that Mai wanted to do. Every day she asked to go & has not stopped talking about it since. A fair came to town last week & she was so excited to go and ride all the rides and play the games. Her love for these fairs was the inspiration for our paper plate Ferris wheel.

What you will need:

2 Paper Plates

1 Paper bowl

Craft sticks

Egg carton

Paper towel roll

Wooden dowel or stick (We used a cake pop stick)

Acrylic paint

Glue gun (for adult use)



Cut out the center of the 2 plates.


Glue 2 crafts sticks to the inside of the plate as shown on the left & add one more craft stick to the outside as shown on the right.

IMG_3245 IMG_3244

Poke a hole in the paper towel roll & push the dowel or stick through it. Trim it.


Cut a hole in the center of the bowl & slide the paper towel roll into it.


Cut 6 sections out of an egg carton. Paint all of your pieces & let dry.


Apply a liberal amount of hot glue onto the center of your paper plate wheels. Let it cool slightly & then press into the wooden sticks.


Glue the egg carton sections between the two plates.


The Ferris wheel does not go around unfortunately, but it came out awfully cute.


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2 comments on “Paper Plate Ferris Wheel

  1. What a cute way to get into fairs for little kids. But like Mai, my girls love going to fairs, too. So, I don’t think I would have to give them much motivation to want to go 😉

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