Cupcake Liner Helicopter

Cupcake Liner Helicopter Craft

A couple of weeks ago we made a couple of whale crafts. During both crafts my daughter commented on how the shape of the whale looked like a plane. As I looked at it, I thought “You know she is right.” It does kind of look like a plane.


Since then I have been wanting to test out her theory, but once we got started, I opted to make a helicopter instead of a plane. I just really like the propellers. I love cupcake liner crafts. They are so quick & easy to make & the finished products are adorable.

All you need for this craft is cupcake liners, glue, markers or paint & cotton balls

Same as with the whale, you will use one full cupcake liner & one cut into an arch as shown.


Draw in propellers with markers.


Draw in a window & the landing skids.


Glue on cotton balls to form clouds.


We couldn’t just stop with one cupcake liner craft. We needed to make one more & we continued with the transportation theme.

Glue two cupcake liners next to each other, leaving a small space in between.


Draw in the center of the wheels & the axle for the pedals.


Draw in the rest of the body of the bike.


Finish off your bicycle with the seat, handle bars & pedals.


Cupcake Liner Bicycle Craft

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