Cupcake Liner Elephant & Mouse

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Cupcake Liner Elephant

My daughter has been on an elephant kick for the last few days. She has been drawing pictures of them & asked if we could make elephant crafts together.


My daughter likes to call the shots on our crafts projects sometimes. She had specific ideas in mind for our project. Our elephant needed foam tusks & pink for the inside of the ears and she insisted that trunk had to be made out of a pipe cleaner.

Cupcake Liner Elephant

What you will need:

Mini cupcake liners

Pipe cleaner

White foam

Googly eyes


Pink tissue paper


Cut two circles smaller than a cupcake liner out of pink tissue paper. Glue them to the inside of two cupcake liners.


Glue the two liners with the pink to another piece of paper. Glue two more liners on top of one another so that they slightly overlap the other two.

IMG_5137 IMG_5160 IMG_5164

Cut tusks out of the foam. Glue on the tusks, googly eyes & the pipe cleaner for a trunk. Cut two small pieces out of a cupcake liner to make legs.

Cupcake Liner Elephant

Mai finished hers & giggled that it looks like a mouse elephant.


That inspired us to make a mouse too.

Cupcake Liner Mouse Craft

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