Cupcake Liner Sunset Scene


I am sure that I have told you many times that many of our craft ideas come from my 4 year old daughter. We have been painting & crafting together for the majority of her life. There is not much that we won’t try to craft with. My daughter has a tough time throwing anything away because she wants to make a craft out of everything. I think it is amazing. I love her creativity.

Cupcake liner sunset landscape craft - kid's arts & craft ideas

Yesterday, we went to an outdoor movie showing of Zootopia at a local school. During the car ride, I sat in the back with my daughter. The sun was starting to set as we drove. My little girl, said “Mommy, look at that beautiful sunset.” She went on to explain to me that she wanted to make a sunset craft out of cupcake liners. Watch below for her adorable explanation on her craft idea.

I loved her idea of a sunset with cupcake liners & the car driving. I promised her that we would make her craft the next day, so that is what we did. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and how she was going to do it. She made her sunset just as she described, using an orange liner with a yellow one over it.

IMG_2873 IMG_2872

She used a Sharpie to make dark clouds in front of her sunset. She said that the sunset had to be behind her clouds, so she ferociously colored in her clouds.

IMG_2876 IMG_2879

She cut up purple & green liners to form mountains & trees.

IMG_2882 IMG_2885

She drew some animals, a road and trunks for her trees and made herself a cute little pink car with one of the remaining liners.

Cupcake liner crafts for kids - Make a landscape scene

When she was finished, she asked me to close my eyes because she had one more thing to make & it was a surprise. Awwwww, my heart holding a heart…


I loved my daughter’s sunset idea so much, that I had to make one of my own too.




Cupcake liner sunset landscape craft - kid's arts & craft ideas

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