Rock Stamp Painting

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Rock Stamp Painting - Painting methods & techniques

Last month we had family photos taken at a scenic area by our local reservoir. We had a hard time keeping Mai still because she was having so much fun splashing around in the water & collecting rocks. She ran & jumped & skipped and played, but luckily, we still managed to get a couple of great family pictures out of it.


Not only did we leave there with some great family photos & memories, but we also left there with an armful of rocks. Mai gathered them as we did our shoot & then filled up the back of mommy’s car. Guess what? They have been sitting there ever since. I finally cleared them out of my car this weekend. The rocks were in a wide variety of sizes & shapes. I looked at some of the unique shapes in her collection & thought they might make an interesting art project.

Rock Stamp Paintings

I filled our art palette with a rainbow of colors & showed Mai how to dip into multiple colors & stamp.

“I want to do it. I want to do it.”

I handed her the pile of rocks & let her go to work.



If your child is not afraid to get their hands a little dirty have them rotate & use the different ends of their rocks for different shapes.


Mai stamped & dragged them around the paper.


She pointed out objects that she saw in her rock stamps. “Look Mama, this one looks like a sea-horse.” It turned out to not only be a fun art project, but a great way for her to stretch her abstract imagination.



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