Teletubbies Weeble Wobbles

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Teletubbies Weeble Wobbles - Made out of plastic Easter eggs. These are quick & easy to make & a lot of fun

There are not too many kid’s programs that I like my daughter to watch. I have to be honest, I find many of them to be either annoying or just plain pointless. I find the Teletubbies to be both, but my daughter loves them. She thinks that they are hilarious. She wanted to watch them the other night, but I did not want her to watch television, so we made a deal that we would make Teletubbies’ crafts instead.

She wanted to make them out of cupcake liners. She pulled out the liners & separated out the Teletubbies’ colors. She began her craft, but then decided it would be more fun to play craft store.


She lined up all the liners & set up her craft store instead. She changed her mind, but I still had a project in mind that I thought she would enjoy. I had seen some weeble wobble crafts online during Easter. There were some cute ones from Almost Unschoolers & many others. I had been meaning to make them for a while. It just so happened that we had just found a bag of jumbo Easter eggs while packing for our upcoming move & as luck would have it, they were the perfect colors for our Teletubbies’ project.

What you will need:

Plastic eggs in green, yellow, purple & red (We did not have red, so we used pink.)

Pipe cleaners in the same color as above

Silver paint

Play-doh or clay

Foam sheets

Magic markers

Hot glue gun (For adult use only. Always use caution when operating a glue gun.)


Open up your plastic eggs & press a lump of Play-doh into the bottom of each of your eggs.


Put the eggs back together & test them to out to see how they wobble. Paint a rectangle of silver paint on the front of each egg & then let dry.


Cut circles out of foam to make your faces & then draw in the faces with a magic marker.


Cut out the ears & then outline them in magic marker with the color that matches the body.


Use a hot glue gun to glue the face & ears in place. Twist the pipe cleaners to form the shapes above each characters head. (Note: Put the hot glue on the foam or pipe cleaner & not directly on the egg. Give it a moment to cool & then press into the plastic. This will help with not melting the plastic.)


Use old plastci Easter Eggs to make Weeble Wobbles - We made Teletubbies for ours

These entertained my little girl for a while. She laughed while playing & doing impersonations for each character. Now these are the kind of Teletubbies that I can deal with.



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  1. Fun! I have to say, Tellytubbies is just about the weirdest show ever. My 21-year-ols daughter and I watched an episode on Netflix recenty for old time’s sake…and just sat there with our mouths hanging open, having forgotten just how freakish they are. 🙂

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