Paper Plate Shape Monster Masks

Build a shape monster mask - we did this at a recent Halloween craft party for the kids & it was a huge hit.

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A friend of mine had a Halloween craft party for the kids this weekend. There were cocktail weeny mummies, a backyard graveyard, pumpkin cookies & a variety of fun Halloween themed crafts. My friend had asked if I could help with one of the crafts. I jumped at the chance to be able to do a group craft with the kiddos. Since monster crafts are fun & so easy to make, we decided to make monster masks. My daughter helped me prepare for the craft on the morning of the party.

We pre-painted the paper plates in a wide array of colors for convenience. We let them dry & glued Popsicle sticks on the back for the mask handles.




I cut different shapes for the mouths, noses, tongues, eyebrows & horns out of foam. I purchased several packages of googly eyes for the project.


The kids each picked their favorite colored mask and sat on the floor armed with glue sticks & shapes.

IMG_0190 IMG_0192

It was great to watch all of their smiling little faces working so hard creating their masks. When they were finished, they all showed me their finished creations. There were lots of laughs & lots of roars.

IMG_0205  IMG_0195

IMG_0198 IMG_0200

All of the children had a great time. They continued to craft the day away by painting pumpkins, making ghosts and painting witch faces.

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Paper plate monster masks for Halloween - kid's crafts

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