A-Z Footprint Animal Crafts

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Footprint Animal Crafts from A-Z

We love footprint crafts in our house. About 6 weeks ago we embarked on a journey through footprint animals crafts from A – Z. The intent is to make a collage of all of the animal footprints from A – Z & hang them in our daughter’s new playroom in our new home. It was a fun project. I hope you enjoy it too. Click on the links or pictures below to view the tutorials.

A is for Armadillo

Footprint-Armadillo-Craft (1)

B is for Baboon

Footprint Baboon Craft B is for Baboon 2

C is for Cow

C is for cow

D is for Dolphin

Footprint Dolphin Craft -FootprintCraftsA-ZDisfordolphin

E is for Elk

Footprint Elk Craft - Footprint Crafts A-Z E is for elk

F is for Fox

F is For Fox Footprint Craft

G is for Goat

Footprint Goat Craft - Footprint crafts A-Z G is for goat

H is for Hen

H is for Hen footprint craft

I is for Iguana

I is for Iguana footprint craft

J is for Jaguar

J is for jaguar footprint craft

K is for Kangaroo

K is for Kangaroo footprint craft

L is for Lion

L is for lion footprint craft

M is for Monkey

M is for monkey footprint craft

N is for Narwhal

N is for Narwhal footprint craft

O is for Octopus

O is for Octopus footprint craft

P is for Panda

P is for Panda footprint craft

Q is for Quail

Q is for Quail footprint craft

R is for Raccoon

R is for Raccoon footprint craft

S is for Skunk

S is for Skunk Footprint Craft

T is for Turkey

R is of for Turkey footprint craft

U is for Unicorn

U is for unicorn footprint craft

V is for Vulture

V is for Vulture footprint craft

W is for Walrus

W is for Walrus footprint craft

X is for X-ray Fish

X is for X-ray fish

Y is for Yak

Y is for Yak footprint crafts

Z is for Zebra

Z is for Zebra footprint crafts

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Footprint Animals From A-Z



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