Mixed Media Collages For Kids

Kid's Collage Project using mixed media - painting & process art

Ever since we introduced our daughter to cutting & her safety scissors, all she wants to do is cut. I have scraps of paper lying around everywhere. We have done several crafts & activities to feed her new-found love for cutting. Her new thing is to draw pictures and cut them out & then glue them together in a collage on another piece of paper. She refers to these as “her mosaics”.

She loves making these and each one always tells a story. Last night, we cut up some of the scraps into shapes.


I intended to use them to make a shape craft, but Mai had another idea in mind.  She grabbed some shapes & wanted to paint them. I gave her some paints & she painted away.


She had a small cupcake liner full of glitter from a previous project that was still out. She dumped that onto one of her paintings & then proceeded to paint the inside of the liner too.  “Look mama, doesn’t this painting look like Starry Night?”, she said about one of her paintings.


I handed her more shapes & we pulled out some other art supplies to use on our shapes. She grabbed crayons, markers & colored pencils. She pulled out glue & some buttons too and we worked on more shapes.

She grabbed a circle & drew a picture. She explained to me that it was a memory ball just like in the movie ‘Inside Out’. She drew a girl crying in the middle of the ball and told me it was Sadness.


This piece was a slice of pepperoni pizza because she looooves pepperoni pizza.


I made a few shapes too.


We let the paint dry on our pieces while we cleaned up & got ready to go to bed. Right before bed, we glued the shapes onto another piece of construction paper.


She then used markers to finish off her collage by coloring in some of the free space. “Let’s paint more!!” Not tonight little girl. It is time for bed. We can paint more tomorrow, but until then have sweet dreams about Starry Nights and pizza.


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