Painting With Droppers

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Abstract Painting & Art using medicine or eye dropper. Fun & messy art for the kids

We moved into our new house a few weeks ago. We are still trying to settle in & are unpacking those last weird random boxes. While unpacking one of these boxes of odds & ends, I came across a bag of old medicine droppers and plungers.


I was getting ready to toss them, but thought we could use them for a little fun first. Since we have been learning about abstract art this week with a Kandinsky project and book, I thought we could keep the abstract projects going.

To set up, I laid a piece of tin foil out on a baking tray and placed a piece of paper in the middle. I mixed acrylic paint with a small bit of water to thin them out because I want a thicker consistency than water colors.

I showed my daughter how to use the dropper. She sucked up the paint with the dropper and released it on to the paper.


She dripped & swished the paint around using the dropper.


Sometimes it would form bubbles & she would laugh and pop them with her finger.


When she was finished, I told her that we needed to let it dry. She told me that she needed to put it next to her Kandinsky. This made me smile.

Here was her finished product.


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