Valentine’s Day Hand Print

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Valentine's Hand Print - Bee Mine

Valentine’s Day is coming & with it comes the flowers, the chocolates and the cards. My daughter has already started getting excited about making Valentine’s cards for her family & friends. I was excited too because let’s face it, there is nothing sweeter than getting a Valentine from your little one. We love hand & footprint crafts because they make wonderful keepsakes. This adorable Valentine is cute & easy to make.

Hand Print Valentine

Paint your child’s palm and thumb in yellow. Paint black stripes over the yellow paint. Paint the fingers for the wings. I chose light blue for our wings.


Press their hand onto a piece of paper.


Paint in antennae and a stinger.


Add googly eyes & a mouth and draw in wing veins.


Add your message. (I love puns.) Add a heart trail or a few hearts to finish it off.

Valentine's Hand Print - Bee Mine

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