Artist Inspired Footprint Art

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Le Chat Noir Inspire Footprint Craft


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We have been enjoying making fall & Halloween crafts these past few weeks. Last night, we wanted to keep the theme going. We wanted to make a footprint black cat, but after we began another idea formed. The cat reminded me of the poster art Le Chat Noir, so we took that inspiration to make a couple of artist-inspired footprint crafts using my daughter’s cute little tootsies. Paint your child’s foot in black paint & press it into the middle of a yellow piece of paper or canvas.


Paint a curled tail off to the side.


Paint in the ears, the whites of the eyes & a paw in the front.


Paint the bottom of the paper 1/3 of the way up in red. Paint a series of circles inside of each other behind the cat’s head.


Add lines & dots to the circles to form a design. Paint in the rest of the face & add body details with a shade of gray. Add whiskers & claws to finish off your picture.

Le Chat Noir Inspire Footprint Craft













I had so much fun with this, that we had to make one more.

The Scream inspired footprint craft

Paint the heel of your child’s foot in a light peach tone & then paint the rest of the foot in navy blue.


Paint in the arms & hands as shown.


Paint the bottom slat of the fence &  then the bridge by painting diagonal brush strokes in browns, yellows, oranges & blues.

IMG_8247 IMG_8248

Paint two more fence slats behind the the screaming man.


Paint the fence beams & then paint in between the fence in shades of blue.


Paint a blue curve like shown & paint inside of it in different shades of blue following the curve. Use a thin brush to paint in light strokes of white & orange.



Draw a double curve in the horizon. Don’t worry if you mess up a bit like I did. It all blends in the end.


Paint in a small pool of yellow.


Paint around the yellow in a darker shade of blue. Paint in black swirls & accents in the blue. Paint white & light blue swirls around the yellow.


Outline the top of the double curve in yellow & mimic another yellow curve parallel to it.


Paint in between the swirls in oranges, light blue, white & more yellows until you have finished the sky. Paint in the screaming face on the man to finish of your painting.

Footprint Craft Inspired By The Scream

These footprint crafts will make great additions to our walls.

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Footprint Craft Inspired By Edvard Munch's The Scream Le Cha tNoir Inspired Footprint Craft



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