Newspaper & Watercolor Bookmarks

Painted Newspaper Bookmarks

Newspaper & watercolor painted bookmark arts & crafts for kids

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Our daughter loves books. We read to her all the time. She asks for more and more books daily & the books that she requests are getting longer & longer. We have begun reading much larger books now, some that are too long to complete in a sitting. Instead of continuing to fold the pages & use napkins to save our place, I thought that it would be fun to make a few bookmarks together.

Since we are still unpacking from a move, there are two things that we have an abundance of, cardboard & crumpled up newspaper. We used both for this project, along with homemade watercolors.

Here’s how.

Cut strips of thin cardboard to your desired size.


Glue the top, bottom & sides of the cardboard with a glue stick & wrap newspaper around it. (Crumpled paper will smooth out when glued.)



Use a hole punch to punch a hole on one end.


Use a Sharpie to draw in shapes, designs or words.


Use water colors to paint in your designs. Let dry. Finish off with a coat of Modge Podge to seal in the paint.


String ribbon, string or a pipe cleaner through the hole.


My daughter made one bookmark of her own design & requested one that said “READ” after seeing the bookmark that I made for myself.

Newspaper & watercolor painted bookmark arts & crafts for kids

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