Leaf Bunny Nature Craft

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This adorable leaf bunny nature craft is perfect for the springtime and Easter.

We have a rhododendron bush in our front yard. I love the leaves from that bush and pick them off often to use for arts and crafts projects with my daughter. The last time we worked with them, my brother-in-law stopped over and suggested that we could make Easter bunnies with them because the leaves looked like bunny ears. Brilliant! Now why didn’t I think of that? Either way, I used his great idea and made this adorable leaf bunny.

Leaf Easter Bunny Craft. Easy spring nature arts & crafts for kids

It really was so simple. We grabbed three rhododendron leaves, but you can use any oval-shaped leaves. We glued them to a piece of paper, placing two side by side and one underneath them just slightly overlapping.

I used a small pebble for the nose and then added just a touch of pink paint to it.

With my daughter’s help, we painted the center of the top two leaves with pink to form the ears.

We glued on a pair of googly eyes, some small twigs to form the whiskers and then drew in a mouth and teeth with Sharpies. It was as simple as that. My daughter added a couple of rocks for the bunny feet to finish off our little guy. We were cracking up over our creation and thought he came out pretty cute. Thanks Pedro for the great idea.Leaf Easter Bunny Craft. Easy spring nature arts & crafts for kids

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