Picasso Inspired Easter Bunnies

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Here is a fun and funky Easter project for art lovers. My daughter and I had fun making these Picasso inspired Easter bunnies. Use paints, markers, gel pens or crayons to make your Easter bunnies. Check out some of our other artist inspired projects.

Picasso inspired Easter bunny art project. Easter arts and crafts for kids. Artist inspired artwork

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What you will need:

Copy paper, watercolor paper or canvas

Paints (acrylic or watercolor), markers, colored pencils, crayons or gel pens

Black Sharpie



Draw a circle or oval for the head. What medium or media you will use will determine what sort of canvas you need. We used copier paper for the bunnies that we made using markers, gel pens and crayons and then used watercolor paper for our watercolor painted one.

Draw a line through the middle of the face. It can be straight, curvy or jagged. Draw in your facial features and don’t be afraid to skew your placement. Here my daughter drew the bunnies whiskers up near his eyes. This cracked her up to no end. “Did you see where I put the whiskers, mama?”

Add the bunny’s ears and a bow tie for a little added fun. Draw random lines and shapes within your Easter bunny drawing.

Once you have finished your drawing, now it is time to add some color. My daughter informed me that she would be using mixed media on her creation and chose to color in her abstract bunny with a mixture of markers, gel pens and crayons.

She wanted her bunny to be a bunny princess, so she added a few final details to her artwork.

Mama made some too. I did one in watercolors and one in gel pens.

Picasso inspired Easter bunny art project. Easter arts and crafts for kids. Artist inspired artwork

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