Paint Blot Art Inspiration For Kids

  1. Paint blots are a fun and easy way to create and explore your imagination.

My daughter and I have been making paint blots together since she was only a couple years old. At first, it was just interesting to see what she saw in the blots and then it was fun to watch her make her own paint blots. Today, we did both and found great inspiration within our blots.
Paint Blot art inspiration - A fun and creative way to prompt kids to create. Arts and crafts for kids

We began by folding a piece of white paper in half. I put cotton swabs in a bunch of bottles of tempura paint. We used the swabs to dab globs of paint onto our folded paper.

When we had added enough paint and color, we re-folded the paper in half and smoothed out the paper and paint. When we reopened the paper, it revealed our paint blot. My daughter and I made several blots and set each one aside to dry. I have to admit that I am not a very patient person, so we did use a hair dryer to quickly dry our paint.

My daughter and I looked through our collection and each picked a figure to work with.

My five year old chose this one first. She looked at it and immediately told me that it looked like a baby with a bow in her hair. It really did. It was a great observation.

 She grabbed some markers and went to work on turning her blob of paint into a little baby. 

I watched intently while she drew the face, a teddy bear, a spoon and a baby bottle with orange juice.

She added a pair of shoes and one single little curl at the top of the baby’s head. I loved all of the details that she added to her artwork.

Side by side, we worked through all of our pictures and transformed each blot into something new.

I found a martian and a fish hidden in a couple of my figures.

Paint Blot art inspirations - A fun and creative way to prompt kids to create. Arts and crafts for kids

My daughter saw and created a juggling clown…

 and then a bake shop with some tasty looking cupcakes. 

I enjoyed listening to her observations and watching her make them come to life with her markers. It was an amazing thing. This was a great activity for expanding my daughter’s creative mind and imagination. She enjoyed this so much that she asked if we could make more after school the next day. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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