Standing Paper Owl Crafts

Where are my fellow owl lovers? I know that I am not alone. I know that you are out there. If you adore them as much as I do, you will love these cute standing paper owls. They are a perfect craft for the fall and they are so easy to make. A free printable template is also included for your convenience.Standing paper owl craft with free printable template. Fall arts and crafts for kids - construction paper

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What you will need

Construction paper

Glue stick

Black Sharpie

      Printable Owl Template


Print out the printable owl template. Cut out the round body shape eight times in the color or colors of your choice. Hold your cut outs so that the flattened side is facing the bottom. Fold all of them in half vertically.

 Use a Sharpie to decorate each of your rounded cut-outs on the inside of each fold.

Glue two of your shapes together, but just at the halves, like shown.

Attach three more sections this way and then repeat the process again with the remaining four sections.

Using the template, cut the head out in the color of your choice. Choose a different color and cut out the two larger circles for the outer portion of the owl’s eyes. Cut the two smaller circles out of a piece of white paper. These will be the inner eye circles. Use a piece of orange paper for the beak and the feet.

Glue the eye parts and beak to your head. Use a Sharpie to draw in the eyeballs.

Flip over one of your body sections so that the flat side is showing. Apply glue to it and place just a bit of the bottom of your’s owl’s head onto the top of your glued section. Press the other body piece on top of the head and glued section. If your owl does not stand up steadily or evenly, flatten the body and make sure that everything is lined up and cut evenly. Trim if needed.

Add the feet to the bottom to finish your owl off.Construction paper standing owl craft with free printable template. Fall arts and crafts for kidsThank you as always for stopping by. Please follow us on Facebook as well.

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