Bobble Head Dancing Dolls

These adorable Dixie cup bobble heads love to dance just for you. Give them a shake and watch them boogie.

After the popularity of our bobble head bat for Halloween, we felt inspired to make more bobble head projects.  These bobble heads are so much fun that we just couldn’t help ourselves. These dancing dolls are so cute. Make a bunch of them and watch them dance with each other.

Dancing Dixie Cup Bobble Head Dolls with printable template. Fun arts and crafts for kids

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What you will need:

Dixie cup

Acrylic paint

Construction paper

Pipe cleaner



Low temp glue gun (Use caution when operating a glue gun)


Bobble Head Template



These instructions and photos are on how to make the boy doll. See our video at the end of the post to see how our girl doll was made.

Paint a Dixie cup in the color or your choice and let it dry.

Poke a hole in the center of the cup with a toothpick.

Wrap a pipe cleaner around your finger, leaving about an inch straight on one end.

Use the template to cut out the two circles for the face. Draw a face on one of the circles with markers.

Glue on pieces of yarn to form the hair.

Glue the straight end of the pipe cleaner between the two circles, keeping the face circle on top.

Stick the other end of the pipe cleaner into the hole in the Dixie cup. Bend and adjust your pipe cleaner so that the head is upright,

Roll the pipe cleaner into a knot on the inside of the cup.

Squeeze a generous amount of hot glue into the cup covering the pipe cleaner. Lay the cup down sideways and let the glue dry.

Find the circle that looks like a pie with a missing slice on the template.

Cut the shape out onto a piece of construction paper in the color of your choice. You can use markers to add designs to the shape if you choose. Bring the two ends together and start to overlap them to form a cone shape. You can make your cone as wide or narrow as you like. Wrap the cone around the pipe cleaner underneath the head and then glue it into place. We made the cone for our boy doll more narrow than we did for our girl. Trim any excess that might be hanging over on the bottom of the cone.

For our boy, we cut a notch out at the bottom of the cone and the creased the sides of the cone.

Lastly, cut the two narrow arms strips out of the template and glue and position your arms to the side of your doll.

Once you are finished, wiggle your doll and watch him or her dance. Make two and watch them dance and wiggle together. Don’t you just love interactive crafts?

Dancing Dixie Cup Bobble Head Dolls with printable template. Fun arts and crafts for kids

Dancing Dixie Cup Bobble Head Dolls with printable template. Fun arts and crafts for kids

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