Pop-up Santa Puppet Cup Craft

Believe it or not, there are only 55 days left until Christmas. Before we know it Santa will be coming to town and he will be heading to a chimney near you. We made fun pop-up puppets a few months back and they were a big hit with my little girl. I couldn’t wait to make them again. These Santa puppets are a great idea for the holiday season. The Dixie cups made a perfect chimney for Santa to pop in and out of.Pop-up Santa Puppet . Christmas arts and crafts for kids. Santa coming out of the chimney DIxie cup craft

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What you will need:

Dixie cup

Acrylic Paint

Wooden skewer

Thin red material

Foam Sheets

Glue gun


Cotton balls

Printable Pop-up Santa Template



Use the sharp end of a skewer to poke a hole in the center of a Dixie cup. Pull the skewer back out and paint the cup in red acrylic paint. Let the paint dry.

Use a black marker to draw a brick design on the painted cup.

Print out the printable template and cut out the shapes.

Cut the head and hat shapes out of foam sheets. Draw a face onto one of the face shapes with markers. Use white acrylic paint to paint in Santa’s hair, beard, mustache and the fur on his hat. Make sure to paint the back of his head on the other head shape. Let the paint dry.

Trace your body template onto a piece of red material. We used an old shirt for our material.

Cut your material. Fold the material in half and glue it together at the end to form a small sleeve.

Run a bead of glue around the top inside rim of the cup.

Carefully glue the outer edge of your sleeve around the glue. It is ok if it bunches a little.

Poke your skewer back up the center of your cup. Gather your material around the tip of the skewer and glue it into place.

Cut your two arm shapes out following the template and cut two small hands out of foam. Fold the material in half with the hand glued inside and glue the material into the folded position as shown.

Wrap and glue the front and back of the head around the top end of the skewer and bundled material. Glue the front and the back of the hat to the head. Glue the arms to the side.

Finish your Santa off by adding a pom pom to the end of the hat and glue a ring of cotton around the rim of your cup chimney. Push your skewer up and down to pop Santa in and out of his chimney.

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