Dixie Cup Bobble Head Bat Craft

Halloween is next month and we have already started planning our costumes. My daughter told me ages ago that she wanted to be a bat this year for Halloween. That hasn’t changed and it is all that she has been talking about. Bats, bats, bats have been on the mind. While brainstorming ideas for making her costume, I couldn’t help but make some bat crafts too. I am kind of in love with this bobble head bat. He is so cute and silly and it is fun to make him bobble and fly.

Bobble Head Bat with printable bat template - watch it wobble and fly. Halloween arts and crafts for kids

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What you will need:

Dixie Cup

Acrylic paint

Pipe Cleaner

Construction paper

Large googly eyes

Low temp glue gun

Black Sharpie



Poke a hole into the top center of a Dixie cup with a toothpick. Paint the cup and then set it aside to dry. You can paint it just a solid color or make a scene on your cup for your bat to fly over. We painted ours with a large moon against a purple and black sky.

When our cup dried, we used a Sharpie and drew on a bare tree.

Draw a bat design of your own or use our printable template (the link is below).

Cut out your bat design onto a piece of black construction paper. If you are making your own bat be sure to cut out two identical heads.

Printable Bat Template

Glue the googly eyes onto one of the head cut-outs. Cut out two small triangles for fangs and glue them onto the same head to finish the bat’s face.

Glue the wings to the bottom of the other bat head. Curl a pipe cleaner around your finger leaving about an inch straight on one side. Glue the straight end of the pipe cleaner up the middle of the head with the wings. Glue the face over the pipe cleaner and the other head.

Stick the other end of the pipe cleaner into the hole at the top of the Dixie cup.

Curl the pipe cleaner into a knot inside the cup. Squeeze a generous amount of glue into the cup to glue the knot into place. Lay the cup on its side and let the glue set.

Pick your cup up once your glue is dry and it is ready for bobbling. You might have to bend your pipe cleaner a bit or adjust your coils so that it stands up straight.

My little bat got a huge kick out of these. Look at that big smile.

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Bobble Head Bat with printable bat template- watch it wobble and fly. Halloween arts and crafts for kids

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