Paper Plate Four Season Spinner

We live in New England. It is not uncommon to be playing in the snow one day and then to be outside in shorts the next. The weather can be crazy and unpredictable. As much as we sometimes like to complain about the ever-changing weather, I would not change it for a thing. There is something to love about each season.  My favorite is watching the trees. I love the gorgeous colors that the fall brings and the  haunting beauty of a bare tree getting ready for the winter. Right now, we are excited to see the buds on the trees preparing to sprout for the spring. We love each and every season. Because of this, four season crafts are a favorite of ours. Here is a fun four season craft with a twist (literally).Paper plate four season spinner. Winter, spring, summer and fall trees. arts and crafts for kids.

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What you will need:

2 Paper plates

Acrylic paint

Split pin

Brown marker






Find the center of a paper plate. You can eye it or measure it exactly. Lightly draw a line through the center of the paper plate vertically and then horizontally to make 4 equal sections. Use a toothpick and poke a hole into the center of the plate.

Cut out one of the sections, but not all the way to the point. You will need to leave some space between the hole in the center of the plate.

Paint the top of the plate and then paint another full one to be your tree’s background. Set the plates aside to dry.

Lightly draw four equal quarters again on the painted side of the full plate.

Starting in the center draw tree branches out towards the edge of the plate using your brown marker. You can use brown paint as well.

Add paint to each quarter to represent what a tree looks like in each season.

Make a snow covered tree for the winter…

a blossoming tree or raindrops for the spring.

Make a full and leafy green tree for the summer. Add a sunshine or some birds for an extra touch…

and play with bright and vibrant fall colors to fill in your autumn tree.

Let the paint dry and then poke a hole through the center of the bottom paper plate using the top plate as a guideline.

Place the cut plate on top of the other plate with both of the painted sides facing upwards. Use the same marker or paint that you used to make the branches to draw the tree trunk. The trunk should go directly under the cutout portion.

Thicken in the branches and fill in any areas to make your tree flow more fluidly from each section.

Insert a split pin into the center of the two plates and spin to change your seasons.

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Paper plate four season spinner. Watch the winter, spring, summer and fall trees changing. arts and crafts for kids.

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