Flying Kite Paper Plate Craft

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Crafts in motion are so much fun. First, you get to enjoy making the craft and then you get the added bonus of playing with it after. We have made crafts that bobble, some that pop-up and even ones that play winter sports. Spring is just a couple of weeks away and it is the perfect time to fly a kite.

Interactive Flying Kite Paper Plate Craft with free printable template. Spring arts and crafts for kids

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What you will need:

Paper plate

Copier paper

Jumbo craft stick

Acrylic or tempura paint

Crayons, markers or gel pens

Exacto knife

Low temp glue gun or tacky glue


Kite Printable Template



Paint a paper plate in blue using acrylic or tempura paints.

Paint in clouds, birds, a sunshine, butterflies, tree tops or anything else that you want in the sky with your kite. Let the paint dry.

Paint a jumbo craft stick in the same color as your sky. (My daughter wanted to use a small craft stick for her project, as shown)

Print out the Kite Printable Template.

Design and color in the pieces of your kite.

Cut out all 4 pieces.

Glue a long strand of yarn less than halfway down your jumbo craft stick and then glue your kite and bows onto the top of the stick and over the yarn.

Because my little chose a smaller stick, we glued a second stick to hers to make it long enough and then we glued on our yarn and kite pieces.


Use a craft blade to cut a diagonal line across the lower 1/3 of your plate. (Assist young children with this step)

Carefully open up the slit cut into your plate and slide the bottom portion of your craft stick into the slit.

Flip the plate over and glue the other end of the yarn to the bottom of the paper plate.

Slide your craft stick back and forth and around to make your kite fly. Have fun and happy spring.


Interactive Flying Kite Paper Plate Craft with free printable template. Spring arts and crafts for kidsThank you as always for stopping by. Please visit our Facebook page as well.


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