Cardboard Haunted House

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Hey all! Oh, how we have missed you!! We have been very busy and it has been a few months since we have done any art with you, but we had one craft we just needed to share. When we started making it, we didn’t know where it was going to take us, so unfortunately their is no tutorial and not many pictures, but we were so proud of it that we had to share with our crafty friends.

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Over the summer, I ran a small social distance art camp for our town. A friend donated a large amount of cardboard for our campers to work with, which included a few huge furniture boxes. We were not sure if we were going to have trick or treating this year because our town had been in the red for Covid cases, but I was determined to still make it fun for my little one. Fun for us = crafting. We broke out some of our cardboard and made a plan to make some Halloween decorations together.

This cardboard and construction paper skeleton that my daughter made kicked off the whole thing. Here is Walter the skeleton dabbing for you all.

Our giant furniture box originally was going to be a coffin, but my daughter said that it was too creepy, so together we decided that we would make a haunted house. The plan was to just decorate this one box. I cut out the door and window with a razor and then shaped the top. My daughter and I used strips of construction paper to cover the house to look like siding and lightly brushed paint over the top of the paper to make it look distressed.

We added awnings and shutters and peeled back some of the cardboard for a tattered look. But once we finished that, we couldn’t stop and just kept going and adding on. We wanted our house to be bigger., so we made two more segments to add to the house.

My daughter had some great ideas and added a lot of the detail work like the fence, cat and bats.

This was a super fun project to work on together. Now, I know why we never throw away cardboard boxes in our house. I am certain we will continue to add more to it right up until Halloween.

Happy Halloween all! Stay safe.

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