Cardboard Roll Dancing Skeleton

I am excited to share these with you today because they were such a huge hit with my little girl. We had so much fun making and playing with these adorable dancing skeletons. If you are looking for a cute and funny Halloween craft that your kids will enjoy, look no further. These cardboard roll skeletons are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.

Cardboard roll dancing skeleton puppets - Halloween arts and crafts for kids. Crafts with cardboard tube recyclables

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What you will need:

Cardboard rolls

Black and white acrylic paint

White thick stock paper

Hole punch

Split pins


Black Sharpie


Cut a paper towel roll into three sections, each larger than the other.

Paint all three sections in black acrylic paint and then let the paint dry.

Use white paint to paint a rib cage on the largest roll.

Paint the shape of a skull on the middle-sized roll and then a hip shape onto the smallest. Let the paint dry.

Use a black Sharpie to draw the skeleton’s face onto the skull.

Cut out the skeleton’s arm and leg bones or use our printable template.

Skeleton Bones Printable

Poke a hole into both ends of the upper arm and upper leg bones with a toothpick. Poke a hole into the top end of the bottom arm and leg bones. Use a split pin to connect the joints.

Punch holes on both sides of the top and bottom of all three rolls.

String the three rolls of skeleton together with a long strand of yarn and tie it off up top.


Use split pins to attach your arms and legs into the punched holes.


We made two of these so that they could dance together. My daughter carried these all around the house with her all day. They danced on the stairs, under her blanket fort and they even danced with us during dinner. Sufficed to say, she loved them.

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Cardboard roll dancing skeleton puppets - Halloween arts and crafts for kids. Crafts with cardboard tube recyclables

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