More Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Hello Kitty Ornament for Christmas

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This year because of our living circumstances we will only be putting up a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. As all of our ornaments & decorations are buried in storage until after Christmas, my husband suggested that we hand make all of the ornaments for this tree. Challenge accepted. We already have made a few here & there throughout the season.

Last night we made a couple more for our tree. My daughter loves Hello Kitty & since she is such an easy figure to make, that was our first project of the night.

What you will need:

A medium-sized plastic Christmas ball

Cotton balls

White, yellow & black foam sheets

Red felt

Black pipe cleaners

Hot glue & school glue (Always operate caution when using. Not recommended for small children to use)


Stuff the inside of the ornament with cotton balls until jam-packed. My daughter loved this. This is a great fine motor skill activity too.

IMG_2420 IMG_2423

Cut two triangles for ears out of the white foam. Put glue on the front & back and cover in a light layer of cotton.


Use the hot glue to glue ears into place. For best results apply glue to the ear not the ball.


Cut 2 black ovals out of the foam & one yellow one. Cut a pipe cleaner into six equal pieces & cut a bow out of the red felt. Use a Sharpie to draw in detail on the bow.


Glue all pieces into place using the hot glue. Buy hooks for your ornament or use a pipe cleaner or string to hang.

Hello Kitty Christmas Ornament

We made one more ornament.

Mai loves to draw & I adore her drawings. I wanted a hand drawn ornament for our tree.

For this ornament, I drew & cut out 2 identical ornament shapes out of an old cardboard food box.


I glued them together with a loop of yarn in between.


I painted the top portion silver & let it dry.


I glued the ornament down onto a piece of red construction paper & then cut the excess off to form a circle. I did this for both sides.


I cut two smaller white circles & gave them to Mai. I asked her to draw on both pieces.

IMG_2455 IMG_2454

While she drew, I added a bead of glue around the edge of the ball & sprinkled glitter on it. It gives it a lovely sparkly outline & covers up the seam where the cardboard & the paper meet.


When she was done drawing, I glued her drawings on both ends. This picture is of the whole family looking out the window. I will treasure this one forever.

Kid Drawn Ornament for Christmas

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