Patriotic Wind Chimes


We are getting ready for the Fourth of July & are already feeling patriotic in our house.


We have been enjoying making our red, white & blue crafts and learning a little bit about the holiday as we go. We have already made a few for the inside of our house, today we decided to make a craft for the outside as well.

Patriotic Pasta Wind Chimes

Color your pasta by shaking in a baggie with red & then white paints or food coloring. Lay in a single layer on wax paper to dry.


Poke holes into a paper bowl.


Paint the bowl blue & let dry.


Cut stars out of white foam.


Glue around the bowl making sure not to cover the holes.


Pull yarn or string through your holes.


Gather the string on the top & tie off.


String the colored pasta onto the yarn that is under the bowl. This is a great fine motor skill activity for your child. Knot at the bottom once you reach your desired length. Use hot glue to secure the knot in place so that it doesn’t unravel. (Hot glue should be operated by an adult)


Hang it outside & enjoy.


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Mini Uncle Sam Dixie Cup Hats

Mini Uncle Sam Hats made from Dixie Cups 4th of July craft


The Fourth Of July is just a few weeks away. It is time to break out our red, white & blue paints & paper and begin our patriotic crafting. We decided to make Uncle Sam hats today. I told Mai a brief story about The 4th of July & showed her a picture of Uncle Sam with his hat.

Mai is still operating with one hand, but still wanted to try to paint a little.


What you will need:

Dixie cups

Acrylic paint

Construction paper or foam

Elmers glue or Hot glue (adults operate)



Paint the Dixie cups in white & let them dry.


Paint red stripes vertically over the white.


Cut a thin blue strip of paper for the hat band & paint in white stars across the strip.


Cut a red circle for the brim. Glue the cup to the center of the circle.


Glue the blue band around the cup over the brim. Let the glue dry & display your patriotism around the house or classroom.


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