Uncle Sam

Mini Uncle Sam Dixie Cup Hats

Mini Uncle Sam Hats made from Dixie Cups 4th of July craft


The Fourth Of July is just a few weeks away. It is time to break out our red, white & blue paints & paper and begin our patriotic crafting. We decided to make Uncle Sam hats today. I told Mai a brief story about The 4th of July & showed her a picture of Uncle Sam with his hat.

Mai is still operating with one hand, but still wanted to try to paint a little.


What you will need:

Dixie cups

Acrylic paint

Construction paper or foam

Elmers glue or Hot glue (adults operate)



Paint the Dixie cups in white & let them dry.


Paint red stripes vertically over the white.


Cut a thin blue strip of paper for the hat band & paint in white stars across the strip.


Cut a red circle for the brim. Glue the cup to the center of the circle.


Glue the blue band around the cup over the brim. Let the glue dry & display your patriotism around the house or classroom.


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