the cat in the hat

Yarn Wrapped Cat in the Hat Hat

If you are a Dr. Seuss fan like we are, you may be looking for a fun and easy craft to celebrate his upcoming birthday. When you think of Dr. Seuss, what is the first thing that you usually think of. I almost always immediately think of the Cat in the Hat.

 Toilet paper tube Dr. Seuss headband hat. Recycle cardboard rolls wrap with yarn for an easy Cat in the Hat inspired arts and craft project for the kids. A great fine motor activity as well.

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My daughter loves that mischievous cat and all thing Dr. Seuss, so I thought that this simple yarn wrapped Cat in the Hat inspired hat would be perfect.

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Dr. Seuss Shadow Puppets (Free Printable Cut-outs)

Dr. Seuss' 'The Cat In The Hat' Inspired shadow puppets with free printable cutouts.

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My daughter loves books. Every night she is given the choice to play or to clean up early and read extra books. The books win out every time. She has a wide range of favorites, but her Dr. Seuss books are definitely on top.  We all have our favorites in the house. My husband seems to prefer ‘A Fly Went By‘, which is not actually Dr. Seuss, but is his brand, while my favorite book is the lesser known and beautiful ‘My Many Colored Days’.


My daughter’s favorites ,on the other hand, change from week to week. Currently, her books of choice are ‘ABC‘ & ‘The Cat In The Hat Comes Back.’ She can recite these books from cover to cover & sometimes reads to me now at bedtime too.

We made ‘Despicable Me’ inspired shadow puppets a while back & they were a huge hit with my daughter, so this week I felt inspired to make some from our favorite ‘The Cat in the Hat’ characters.

I sketched out the characters & cut them out of foam sheets & then glued a craft stick to the back of each. *Free printable cutouts are available below.*


Dr. Seuss Printables (all)

My daughter has a great little key chain flashlight that we used to shine on the dark wall to make our puppets come to life.

Sally & Her Brother Printable

IMG_4845 IMG_4844

Thing One Thing 2 Printable

IMG_4842 IMG_4834

The Fish Printable


The Cat in The Hat Printable


The puppets were again a hit. Thing 1 & Thing 2 were the most fun. They were always running.

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Dr. Seuss' 'The Cat In The Hat' Inspired shadow puppets with free printable cutouts.

Paint & Stack Dr. Seuss Egg Carton Hat

Paint & stack egg carton Dr. Seuss hat craft for kids.


In celebration of Dr. Seuss’ upcoming birthday, Mai and wanted to make a craft inspired by the great children’s author. We had about a dozen old empty egg cartons piling up in our craft room. We decided to put them to good use with this simple craft & activity inspired by the iconic Cat in the Hat hat.

All you will need for this craft is an old egg carton or more depending on how high of a stacking hat you want to make, red & white paint, a piece of white foam board or cardboard & glue.

I cut the sections of egg carton & then my daughter and I painted the 12 sections together in the red & white and then we let them dry.


When one of the red sections dries, glue it to a piece of foam or cardboard cut into a circle a bit larger than the egg carton. This will be the base of your hat.


Once the rest of your pieces are dry, you can stack your hat in the red, white, red pattern. Mai was so eager to stack them, that she grabbed them before they dried, so the paint smeared a bit, but it did not bother her anything. When she finished stacking her hat, she asked for more to stack. She wanted a “reaaaally big hat” she told me. Tomorrow we will paint more to add to our stack.

IMG_4786 IMG_4790

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