Dr. Seuss Shadow Puppets (Free Printable Cut-outs)

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Dr. Seuss' 'The Cat In The Hat' Inspired shadow puppets with free printable cutouts.

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My daughter loves books. Every night she is given the choice to play or to clean up early and read extra books. The books win out every time. She has a wide range of favorites, but her Dr. Seuss books are definitely on top.  We all have our favorites in the house. My husband seems to prefer ‘A Fly Went By‘, which is not actually Dr. Seuss, but is his brand, while my favorite book is the lesser known and beautiful ‘My Many Colored Days’.


My daughter’s favorites ,on the other hand, change from week to week. Currently, her books of choice are ‘ABC‘ & ‘The Cat In The Hat Comes Back.’ She can recite these books from cover to cover & sometimes reads to me now at bedtime too.

We made ‘Despicable Me’ inspired shadow puppets a while back & they were a huge hit with my daughter, so this week I felt inspired to make some from our favorite ‘The Cat in the Hat’ characters.

I sketched out the characters & cut them out of foam sheets & then glued a craft stick to the back of each. *Free printable cutouts are available below.*


Dr. Seuss Printables (all)

My daughter has a great little key chain flashlight that we used to shine on the dark wall to make our puppets come to life.

Sally & Her Brother Printable

IMG_4845 IMG_4844

Thing One Thing 2 Printable

IMG_4842 IMG_4834

The Fish Printable


The Cat in The Hat Printable


The puppets were again a hit. Thing 1 & Thing 2 were the most fun. They were always running.

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Dr. Seuss' 'The Cat In The Hat' Inspired shadow puppets with free printable cutouts.


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