Mixed Media Truffula Trees

My daughter loves Dr. Seuss. Whenever we go to the library, she always looks through his books for one that we haven’t read in a while or for an old favorite. The Lorax is one of those favorites. It is a favorite of mine as well.

Mixed media truffula tree art inspired by Dr. Seuss' 'The Lorax'. Kid's arts and crafts,onspired by books. Earth Day crafts. Watercolor painting, newspaper, construction paper, markers

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We have been on a huge mixed media kick lately and I thought that the truffula trees from ‘The Lorax’ would make a beautiful project for us to do together.

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Yarn Wrapped Cat in the Hat Hat

If you are a Dr. Seuss fan like we are, you may be looking for a fun and easy craft to celebrate his upcoming birthday. When you think of Dr. Seuss, what is the first thing that you usually think of. I almost always immediately think of the Cat in the Hat.

 Toilet paper tube Dr. Seuss headband hat. Recycle cardboard rolls wrap with yarn for an easy Cat in the Hat inspired arts and craft project for the kids. A great fine motor activity as well.

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My daughter loves that mischievous cat and all thing Dr. Seuss, so I thought that this simple yarn wrapped Cat in the Hat inspired hat would be perfect.

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Footprint Fiffer Feffer Feff

My daughter has the gift of rhyme. Her Nana has become lovingly referred to as Nana Banana and I am affectionately known as Mama Drama. Maybe she inherits this from the poet in me or perhaps she gets it from her love for Dr. Seuss.

Kids Footprint craft inspired by Fiffer Feffer Feff from Dr. Seuss ABC book

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  Her favorite Dr. Seuss books over the past couple of weeks have been ‘The Lorax’ and ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’ , but her constant favorite is Dr. Seuss’ ABC book. She knows this one by heart and can read it over & over again and her favorite Seuss creature in it is the Fiffer Feffer Feff.

I have been doing footprint crafts with my daughter’s feet since she was a newborn. I have keepsake after keepsake of her adorable little feet, which my daughter refers to as her stinky feet crafts”  Sometimes she even paints mine and and makes crafts out of my feet.


Last night, we made a stinky foot craft of her favorite Dr. Seuss character to put in her reading area.

We dipped her foot in orange paint & pressed it onto a green background because that is how it is in the book.

IMG_5563  IMG_5564 

We painted in the furry collar & hands with yellow paint.


We drew in the face & added spiky hair to the sides & top of his head and finished it off by gluing 4 feathers to the top of his head.

Kids Footprint craft inspired by Fiffer Feffer Feff from Dr. Seuss ABC book

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Dr. Seuss Shadow Puppets (Free Printable Cut-outs)

Dr. Seuss' 'The Cat In The Hat' Inspired shadow puppets with free printable cutouts.

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My daughter loves books. Every night she is given the choice to play or to clean up early and read extra books. The books win out every time. She has a wide range of favorites, but her Dr. Seuss books are definitely on top.  We all have our favorites in the house. My husband seems to prefer ‘A Fly Went By‘, which is not actually Dr. Seuss, but is his brand, while my favorite book is the lesser known and beautiful ‘My Many Colored Days’.


My daughter’s favorites ,on the other hand, change from week to week. Currently, her books of choice are ‘ABC‘ & ‘The Cat In The Hat Comes Back.’ She can recite these books from cover to cover & sometimes reads to me now at bedtime too.

We made ‘Despicable Me’ inspired shadow puppets a while back & they were a huge hit with my daughter, so this week I felt inspired to make some from our favorite ‘The Cat in the Hat’ characters.

I sketched out the characters & cut them out of foam sheets & then glued a craft stick to the back of each. *Free printable cutouts are available below.*


Dr. Seuss Printables (all)

My daughter has a great little key chain flashlight that we used to shine on the dark wall to make our puppets come to life.

Sally & Her Brother Printable

IMG_4845 IMG_4844

Thing One Thing 2 Printable

IMG_4842 IMG_4834

The Fish Printable


The Cat in The Hat Printable


The puppets were again a hit. Thing 1 & Thing 2 were the most fun. They were always running.

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Dr. Seuss' 'The Cat In The Hat' Inspired shadow puppets with free printable cutouts.

Paint & Stack Dr. Seuss Egg Carton Hat

Paint & stack egg carton Dr. Seuss hat craft for kids.


In celebration of Dr. Seuss’ upcoming birthday, Mai and wanted to make a craft inspired by the great children’s author. We had about a dozen old empty egg cartons piling up in our craft room. We decided to put them to good use with this simple craft & activity inspired by the iconic Cat in the Hat hat.

All you will need for this craft is an old egg carton or more depending on how high of a stacking hat you want to make, red & white paint, a piece of white foam board or cardboard & glue.

I cut the sections of egg carton & then my daughter and I painted the 12 sections together in the red & white and then we let them dry.


When one of the red sections dries, glue it to a piece of foam or cardboard cut into a circle a bit larger than the egg carton. This will be the base of your hat.


Once the rest of your pieces are dry, you can stack your hat in the red, white, red pattern. Mai was so eager to stack them, that she grabbed them before they dried, so the paint smeared a bit, but it did not bother her anything. When she finished stacking her hat, she asked for more to stack. She wanted a “reaaaally big hat” she told me. Tomorrow we will paint more to add to our stack.

IMG_4786 IMG_4790

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‘What Pet Should I Get’ Inspired Footprint Crafts

What Pet SHould I Get Inspired Footprint Crafts - Dr. Seuss crafts

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My daughter loves books. She can not read yet, but she does know most of her books by heart. She can just as easily recite them to me, as have me read them to her. She has quite a long list of favorites & many of those favorites are Dr. Seuss books. When I heard that they discovered & released a new Dr. Seuss book I was so excited. I ordered one right away.

The day that I received it, I waited until my daughter’s bedtime before reading it. It did not disappoint.  Mai adored it just as she did with the books before it. That evening she made me read it 3 times.

We had been doing a lot of footprint crafts lately. We made animals from A – Z, some Halloween inspired feet & we experimented with famous works of art. We have made so many that I have started seeing feet everywhere. As I was reading Jay & Kay’s adventures in the pet store to my daughter for the 100th time the other night, I actually started seeing some of the creatures as footprint art in my head. I might have a problem.

I think you already know where I am going with this. Here are a few footprint crafts inspired by the book.

Seuss Inspired Cat

I painted my daughter’s foot in yellow & pressed it onto a piece of paper. I used the same paint to paint in a tail & ears & the added a red bow around its neck. I dabbed on two spots of white for the eyes & then let everything dry. I used a Sharpie to draw in the lines for the details.

IMG_0240IMG_0244This footprint cat craft is inspired by What Pet Should I Get by Dr. Seuss 0

Seuss Inspired Dog

These are all pretty similarly made. The same as above, I painted my daughter’s foot in brown & pressed it onto a piece of paper. I painted in a tail & his snout. I dabbed on one eye & painted in a collar. I let it dry and then drew in the finishing details.

IMG_0246This footprint dog craft is inspired by What Pet Should I Get by Dr. Seuss 0

Seuss Inspired Bird

I painted my daughter’s heel in yellow and the rest of her foot in green & then pressed it onto a piece of paper. I painted in a beak with the yellow & head feathers in green. I let it dry & drew in the rest of the details.

IMG_0236IMG_0245This footprint bird craft is inspired by What Pet Should I Get by Dr. Seuss 0

From what I understand there are plans to release more books from this collection of works that they have found. I cannot wait.

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What’s Your Favorite Children’s Book?

IMG_20131103_191949_459 (1)

Like most parents, my husband & I don’t always see eye to eye  in our opinions on how to raise our daughter. There are differences in opinions on meal choices, routines & even what she wears. One thing we both have agreed on from the start, was that we wanted to make sure that we read to her & encouraged her to read at an early age.

Our daughter loves books and we read to her everyday. It is interesting to me that even at such a young age, she has certain book preferences, some that are even surprising.

I found this list on Pinterest of the top ten children’s books…


It got me thinking about Mai’s favorite books. Did any of these books make the cut?

Not really. Which books did?


1. As an infant, it wasn’t Eric Carle’s ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ that we read to Mai while rocking her to sleep it was Carle’s ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’


2.While all of Mai’s friends were grabbing for ‘Goodnight Moon’, it was the

‘Goodnight Gorilla’ that Mai would reach for.


3.And it wasn’t Dr Seuss’s ‘Green Eggs & Ham’ that Mai chose for her mealtime story, it was the Dr’s

‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’


4. ‘ I Like It When’ 

This is an adorable board book. Mai loved this one & used to act out the actions as we read them. My favorite was “I like it when you hug me tight.” Mommy would receive a wonderful hug complete with an “awwwwwww” from my darling girl.


5 .‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’ 

This was a favorite of our munchkin. She also liked the similar tale ‘If You Give A Moose A Muffin’


6. ‘Owl Moon’ 

A lovely book with beautiful illustrations. The story of a father and daughter that go owling. My daughter loved the illustrations in this one. She would squeal and point out all the snowy animals.


7. ‘The Berenstain Bears He Bear She Bear’

Great book that shows the reader that they can do or be anything they want to be and it doesn’t matter if they are a he or she.


8. ‘Ten Little Ladybugs’

This is a cute book to teach counting with..as the ladybugs disappear one by one & reappear home at the end


9. ‘The Napping House’

This is a cute and silly tale with a repetitive style about a house where everyone is napping on top of one another. .a dozing dog on a dreaming boy on a snoring granny.


10. OK! So, I guess one of these did make the cut after all…

‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs’

Story of a town that rains food.


Do you see your favorite’s here? Please share your toddler’s favorites.

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