Paper Plate Play Dough Nature Island

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Paper Plate Play Dough Nature Island - This craft combines art, fine motor skills, sensory & nature

My daughter & I do arts & crafts project just about every day. Many times, I take inspiration for our projects by things that happen over the course of our day. Sometimes, I just get a random idea & many times my daughter calls the shots.  I had an idea last night to make nature fossils out of play dough, assorted leaves, flowers and small pebbles. We made homemade play dough. We added some cinnamon to change the color and add a lovely smell. We rolled out the dough & cut circle out of the dough to imprint onto.



Mai did not like mommy’s idea. She grabbed a circle pressed it into a paper plate & told me that she was making her own project. She asked for a blue pipe cleaner & glued it around her circle & began sticking the plants & rocks that we gathered into the dough. She explained that the pipe cleaner was water.


It was so lovely. We ended up making several more. We went back outside & gathered more supplies from nature. We painted some paper plates blue & then let them dry. After the dried, we placed a thick circle of play dough in the center of our plate & spread it out just slightly.

IMG_5611 IMG_5615

We added leaves from shrubs, flowers and pebbles to form our island.


We painted leaves to form fish for the water to finish off our craft.

IMG_5634 IMG_5636

This was a fun activity for Mai & me. Like I said, we made several islands. Don’t be afraid to let your child take the reins on a project or activity, even if you have a specific idea in mind. Let them express their own ideas and opinions. You might be surprised by what they can come up with.

Play Dough Nature Island Paper Plate Play Dough Nature Island - This craft combines art, fine motor skills, sensory & nature

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