B is For Baboon Footprint Craft

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Footprint Baboon Craft - B is for Baboon

We are into week two of our A-Z footprint crafts. Our choice for the letter “b” is baboon. My daughter made a deal with me regarding our footprint craft. She said that if she let me make a baboon out of her feet, then she would get to paint my feet too. I agreed, of course.

To make our footprint baboon, paint around the outline of your child’s foot with a dark brown. Paint inside of the outline in a lighter shade of brown. Paint the heel in yellow & then paint an upside down “T” with light blue around it as shown.


Press it onto a piece of paper.


Draw in the nose & mouth on the heel.


Dry brush around the outside of the foot using a fanned out brush to make the fur.



Paint in the body in dark brown to finish off your craft.


Footprint Baboon Craft - B is for Baboon

True to my word, I let Mai paint my feet. She painted it & pressed it onto the paper & set it aside to let it dry. I can’t wait to see what she makes with it.


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