Spin, Roll & Count Exercise Game

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Spin, roll & count exercise game. Fun for the whole family.This game was an amazingly huge hit in our home. My daughter did n

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The past few months have been stressful ones for our family. We have sold a home, remodeled our new home & are still living in a construction zone. With all of these changes & with how busy we have been, we have not made the best food choices & have let our physical fitness kind of slide. My husband & I have packed on the pounds and decided that we needed to get back into shape. We began a new workout regime & just started a squat challenge. Our daughter jumped right in & wanted to join us in getting a little exercise.


Cleverly, inspired by our exercise, Mai picked up a die & rolled it and told me that she was going to do arm rolls. She rolled a 5 & did 5 arm rolls. She told me to roll & I rolled a 4 & she told me to do 4 jumping jacks. This sparked a new game & a fun idea.

I took my daughter’s idea & added another element to it.

What you will need:

A paper plate

Split pins


Construction paper

Hole punch



Die or dice

Directions: Cut an arrow out of a rigid piece of cardboard. Use a hole punch to poke a hole at the end of the cardboard arrow. Push a split pin through the hole & the center of the paper plate. Secure it loosely so that the arrow spins freely.


Cut 8 squares out of construction paper & use a Sharpie to write down fun exercises.


Glue them to the edge of the paper plate.


To play:

Spin your exercise wheel. See what it lands on.



Roll your die or dice.


Do your activity the amount of times as the number that was rolled. Our daughter hopped like a frog 6 times this roll.

IMG_4461 IMG_4460

We all took turns & played together as a family. We did jumping jacks, frog hops and toe touches.


Our daughter could not get enough. She got a kick out of watching us frog hop & dance like ballerinas. We had fun & promised her that we could play again tomorrow.

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