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Footprint puffin craft


We just returned from a family vacation in Iceland. We had a fantastic time. We love to travel & it has been wonderful watching our daughter inherit our love. While we were in Iceland, we took in the breathtaking landscapes, swam in the Blue Lagoon & took a trek to the top of the Langjökull glacier and then got to walk inside of its ice cave. We created beautiful memories & have so much fun.


The ice cave of Langjökull glacier, Iceland

While shopping in Reykjavik, we came across a lot of puffin merchandise. I was fortunate enough to have seen the puffin on our last trip to Iceland, while Mai was still in my belly.


Puffins were out of season on this visit, so Mai did not get to see one, but she still did get a little souvenir.

Puffy the puffin is our daughter’s new favorite stuffed animal. She has carried him around everywhere since our return.


Her new friend was also the inspiration for our newest footprint craft.

I painted her foot in black & white as shown & then pressed it onto a piece of blue paper.



I painted a white oval shape over the heel for the face & added in the beak & feet with orange.


I added a touch of yellow & black to the beak & painted in the eye to finish it off.

Footprint puffin craft

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