Dixie Cup Angels


We had our first big snowfall of the year.  I thought Mai would be overjoyed when she woke up & saw the ground covered in powdery white. She was, but when I tried to get her in her snow suit to go outside, the protests did not stop. She put on her furry boots & headed for the front door in her diaper. Of course, this was not going to happen. We did not make it out of the house that day. She refused to wear her snowsuit because she insisted that it was plastic. Where does she come up with this stuff?

The next day however, Nana got her to finally don her snowsuit & brave it out into the snow. My little angel made her first snow angel. I love angels. I believe in them. Tonight my little snow angel & I made our own.


Dixie Cup Angels

What you will need:

Dixie cups (3oz) – 2 cups for each angel -white works best (I couldn’t find any so we painted ours)

White acrylic Paint

White cupcake liner

Elmer’s Glue

White foam sheet or construction paper

White pipe cleaner

White yarn



Poke a hole in the top of a Dixie cup with a toothpick. Use this as the top cup.


Paint 2 Dixie cups in white paint & let dry. Like I said white cups would work best, but I could not find the 30z cups in plain white.


Once dry, line the edge of a cupcake liner with glue.

IMG_7511 IMG_7538

Glue the liner over one cup right side up.


Line the rim of the second cup with glue.


Press the cup upside down over the first cup & cupcake liner.


Draw & cut out a set of angel wings. We like to use foam because it doesn’t rip or wrinkle, but you can use paper too.

IMG_7502 IMG_7503

Glue the wings to the cups as shown. Lay your project down to put weight on the wings. Let dry.

IMG_7515 IMG_7516

Loop 6″ long yarn strands around 10 times. Glue to the top of the upside cup.IMG_7517 IMG_7519

Draw on your face & loop a pipe cleaner to form a halo & insert into the hole on the top cup.


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